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Deptrac - Keep Your Architecture Clean

Deptrac - Keep Your Architecture Clean

A short introduction to Deptract (https://github.com/sensiolabs-de/deptrac) given at the PHPNW16 Unconference


Andreas Hucks

October 01, 2016

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  1. Deptrac Clean Up Your Architecture SensioLabs

  2. SensioLabs Andreas Hucks CTO @ SensioLabs Germany @meandmymonkey

  3. SensioLabs

  4. None
  5. SensioLabs The Problem • Getting legacy code under control •

    Gain insight into applications • Constrain changes to boundaries defined by your architecture
  6. SensioLabs Clean Packages • Separate your business code from your

    framework • … or in fact, any other 3rd party libs • Separate your own layers (Domain, Application, Infrastructure…)
  7. SensioLabs github.com/sensiolabs-de/deptrac Deptrac

  8. SensioLabs depfile.yml

  9. SensioLabs Demo Time

  10. SensioLabs Drill down • Create multiple depfiles to create different

    views on your code • Enforce rules on different levels - inside your domain, or between top level packages
  11. SensioLabs What can you do? • Use it. Test it!

    • Other output formats • More Collectors • Exclusions to allow specific deps
  12. SensioLabs Tim Glabisch @timglabisch and all contributors github.com/sensiolabs-de/ deptrac/graphs/contributors Kudos

  13. Thanks! joind.in/talk/5f724 SensioLabs