Simplifying Term Meta

Simplifying Term Meta

I've have prepared this slides to have a talk on "Simplifying Term Meta" introduced in WordPress 4.4.
- What is Term?
- What is Meta?
- History
- What is Term Meta?
- Functions Available


Mehul Gohil

May 29, 2016


  1. Simplifying Term Meta Introduced in WordPress 4.4

  2. What is Term? ⦿ In WordPress, terms refers to the

    items in a taxonomy. ⦿ For example, a website has categories books, politics, and blogging in it. While category itself is a taxonomy the items inside it are called terms.
  3. What is Meta? ⦿ Don’t ever confuse it with Meta

    Tags. ⦿ Meta is a short term to refer Metadata. ⦿ Metadata is an extra data of a particular entity or an object.
  4. Let’s take an example ⦿ A person is identified by

    his/her name and his/her other works such as education qualifications, social work and more relates to his/her name. So, we can say that name of a person is an entity and his/her work is an extra data of that person’s entity or object.
  5. History ⦿ A WordPress core contributor as well as plugin

    developer has submitted a WordPress Trac Ticket, back 6 years from the release of WordPress 4.4 ⦿ Lots of hard work since 6 years has provided us the flexibility to add term meta.
  6. What is Term Meta? ⦿ Term Meta is an extra

    data of a specific taxonomy term. ⦿ It’s usage is very similar to User Meta, Post Meta, Comments Meta, which we may have used earlier.
  7. Let’s take an example ⦿ Let’s say, you want a

    feature to add different color to each and every term created for category taxonomy. ⦿ You, being a developer, can use term meta to implement this feature. ⦿ It’s easy to implement as well as easy to use.
  8. Functions Available ⦿ add_term_meta() ⦿ update_term_meta() ⦿ get_term_meta() ⦿ delete_term_meta()

  9. Let me show you 
 a working example

  10. Questions & Answers