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Mercari Tech Conf 2018 Keynote (Suguru Namura)

October 04, 2018

Mercari Tech Conf 2018 Keynote (Suguru Namura)

Suguru Namura
CTO, Mercari

Mercari JP CTO Suguru Namura, Mercari US CTO Mok Oh, and Merpay Director Keisuke Sogawa will discuss the events that have occurred at their respective companies in the past year. They will also talk about the goals and technical challenges that they plan to tackle in the future.


October 04, 2018

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  1. Keynote Suguru Namura CTO, Mercari

  2. CTO, Mercari Suguru Namura

  3. Becoming a Tech Company

  4. Expansion of Mercari Growth of Mercari US Establishment of Merpay

  5. Changes to the Engineer Organization

  6. Oct 2017 120 Oct 2018 350

  7. From a Team to an Organization

  8. What happens when an organization is formed?

  9. Decreased Speed Conflicting Perspectives Decreased Discretion

  10. What sort of organization are we aiming for?

  11. Developing from the same perspective Developing with various perspectives

  12. Dependent on individuals’ abilities Evolving with various abilities

  13. Technological strengths = Productivity Technological strengths = Creativity

  14. An organization that attracts top talent An organization that nurtures

    top talent
  15. A Scalable Organizational Strategy

  16. EM/PM System

  17. Engineering Manager Tech Lead Recruiting Assignment Training Organization Development Technology

    Design Creation Quality
  18. A Scalable Technological Strategy

  19. Micro Decision

  20. Microservices

  21. None
  22. Microservices for Front-end

  23. Web iOS Android Micro Frontends Layered Architecture Micro View Controller

  24. Micro Deploy

  25. Feature A Feature B Internal Roll Out Release

  26. Micronize ▼ Resilient

  27. None
  28. None
  29. The process of going through an infinite number of challenges

    and failures and repeatedly making decisions. Evolution
  30. A tech company must be a continuously evolving organization

  31. None