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Workshop Summary Reference Managers and Data Citation

Martin Fenner
January 13, 2015

Workshop Summary Reference Managers and Data Citation

Summary of Force15 pre-conference workshop on data citation support in reference managers.

Martin Fenner

January 13, 2015

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  1. Reference Manager -
    Data citation BOF
    Dataverse, Endnote, Mendeley, Papers, CiteULike,
    CrossRef, EBI, CCDC, PLOS, eLife, NIF, others
    Some researchers use tools for citation !
    How might we make these tools support data

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  2. • Landing pages with Meta data from DC/PRISM
    • re3data.org will list data repos that use DC/PRISM tags
    • Create a test set of 100 data sets
    • Enable CSL to support data citation
    • Fix (now) known bugs in reference managers
    • Make reference managers aware of non-Crossref DOIs
    • Don’t specify a NEW data citation STYLE, modify existing
    • Add a “cite data” button into reference managers
    draft report
    test list

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