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Growing Software Systems

December 07, 2014

Growing Software Systems

Quick overview of evolutionary software development concepts and processes aimed to grow adaptive systems.


December 07, 2014

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  1. Software Systems Growing

  2. None
  3. Software systems are grown, not built.

  4. Architecture won't gradually emerge out of refactorings.

  5. Frameworks are not the architecture Frameworks are TOOLS

  6. E-Type Evolution Processes Multi-agent, multi-level, multi-loop feedback systems

  7. Categories of Software Systems Conforms to an exact specification. Specification

    based → mathematical criteria. Consistent with a single external paradigm. Paradigmatic domain → stable assumptions. v.g. Unicode, Physics simulation S-Type P-Type E-Type Actively used and embedded in the real world. Evolutionary systems → constantly adapting to change.
  8. A consciously crafted evolutionary baseline architecture allows to: Adapt to

    change Defer decisions Cope with growth Reduce entropy Nurture quality Evolutionary Architecture Retain conceptual integrity
  9. Lehman's Laws of Software Evolution 1. Continuing Change 2. Increasing

    Complexity 3. Self Regulation 4. Conservation of Organisational Stability 5. Conservation of Familiarity 6. Continuing Growth 7. Declining Quality 8. Feedback System
  10. Lehman's Laws of Software Evolution 8. Feedback System 1. Continuing

    Change 6. Continuing Growth 3. Self Regulation 2. Increasing Complexity 7. Declining Quality 5. Conservation of Familiarity 4. Conservation of Organisational Stability
  11. E-Type Evolution Feedback Loops

  12. E-Type Planning R1 R2 R3 R4 Priorized Requeriment Queue Anatomy

    Plan Codebase Stable Baseline N Stable Baseline N+1 Release Captures dependencies & Coordinates parallelism System increments yielding evolution of the codebase IC1 IC2 IC3 IC4
  13. SP

  14. Software Products Conceptual Network Problem Domain Executable Systems Solves Embodied

    Essential Complexity Accidental Complexity 9/10 Effort • Tools • Frameworks • Methodologies • Concepts • Collaborations • Algorithms 1/10 Effort
  15. Software Product Lines Platform Core Assets Strategic Market Domain Product

    Family Supports Variants Market Segment Needs Fulfills
  16. Evolution of Software Product Models

  17. Bibliography Lehman, Meir M. Programs, Life Cycles, and Laws of

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