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Secrets to Awesomizing® Your Editor’s Back-end Drupal Experience

Secrets to Awesomizing® Your Editor’s Back-end Drupal Experience

As given at Drupalcamp Atlanta 2012 and Drupalcon Portland 2013

Michael Herchel

May 21, 2013

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  1. Secrets to Awesomizing® Your Editor’s Back-end Drupal Experience Mike Herchel

    http://herchel.com @mikeherchel drupal.org/user/118428
  2. Drupal's [much deserved] reputation...

  3. History of Drupal's UX: Drupal 4.7

  4. ...Drupal 5.3

  5. ...Drupal 6.6

  6. Contrib to the rescue! Admin_Menu Module Admin Module Awesome Admin

    Themes Vertical Tabs
  7. D7UX Project Goals 1. Make the most frequent tasks easy

    and less frequent tasks achievable. 2. Design for the 80% 3. Privilege the Content Creator 4. Make the default settings smart d7ux.org
  8. D7UX Delivered! • Admin Toolbar • Overlay • Contextual Links

    • Shortcuts • Dashboard • Much More!
  9. Real usability depends on YOU! -Ronnie James Dio

  10. Reduce Short Term Memory Load

  11. Use Rules or Login Redirect Modules to send your content

    editors where they need to be. • http://drupal.org/project/rules • http://drupal.org/project/login_redirect Basics: Redirect Users After Actions
  12. Easy Win: D7's core dashboard PROTIP: Make a killer dashboard

    with Views Bulk Operations and Views Exposed Filters
  13. Workbench == Dashboard on steroids • Show Your Edits •

    Workflow Moderation • Content Revisioning (including unpublished drafts) • Manage Access via Menu or Taxonomy Next Step: Workbench PROTIP: You can also modify Workbench's views with VBO!
  14. Simplify and Reduce

  15. Basics: Reduce Permissions • Easiest win: reduce permissions! PROTIP: Reorder

    your user roles from least permissive to most permission (D7 Only)
  16. Basics: Remove unused WYSIWYG buttons Easiestier Win: Remove unused WYSIWYG

    Editor buttons
  17. Simple: Better Formats Module Better Formats Module • Set default

    text formats per role • Set default text formats per field • http://drupal.org/project/better_formats
  18. Simplify: Node Form Settings Node Form Settings Module • Get

    rid of unused node form settings ◦ Revision Log textarea ◦ Path ◦ Publishing Options ◦ Comments Options ◦ More! • http://drupal.org/project/nodeformsettings
  19. Fav Module: Field_Group Field_Group module ◦ Collapsible Fieldsets! ◦ Vertical

    Tabs! ◦ Horizontal Tabs! ◦ Accordions! ◦ Multi-Page Forms! ◦ Oh, My!
  20. [Field_Group demo] PROTIP: You can move the Save button to

    the last page of your multipage form within the multipage wrapper widget
  21. Useful: Drupal 7 (Core) Shortcut Bar Drupal 7's core shortcuts

    rock! • Admin can edit user's shortcuts • Assign a shortcut set to a role using "Shortcut per Role" module (http://drupal. org/project/shortcutperrole)
  22. Consistent Patterns

  23. Simple: Publish_Button Publish Button Module • Adds Publish/Unpublish button to

    node/add • Be sure to set content type's default to 'Not Published' • http://drupal.org/project/publish_button
  24. Views UI: Edit Basic Settings Views UI: Edit Basic Settings

    module • Allows Content Editors to easily edit the header, footer, and empty text of a view! • http://drupal.org/project/views_ui_basic
  25. [Views Edit Basic Settings demo]

  26. Freakin' Awesome: VBO Views Bulk Operations • Enables Admin to

    create administrative blocks that enable... bulk operations! • Can add to Dashboard • Don't have to use table- view display in D7
  27. Cool: Contextual Filters on Views Rows Contextual Filters on Views

    Rows == Awesomeness! • Not a module • Enables content editor to easily edit entities that are displayed within a view
  28. [Views contextual filters demo]

  29. Handling Errors and Undos

  30. Easier Errors: Field/ Clientside Validation • Field Validation - Allows

    admin to create extremely specific validation rules within Fields (http://drupal. org/project/field_validation) • Clientside Validation - enables validation without page reload and more (http://drupal.org/project/clientside_validation)
  31. [Field Validation / Clientside Validation demo]

  32. Easy Win: Enable Revisions on your Content types Default your

    content types to create new revisions (not enabled by default)! PROTIP: You can hide the Revision Log using the Node Form Settings module
  33. Easily See Edits: Diff Module Diff Module • Easily view

    changes in content between revisions
  34. The Holy Grail...

  35. What is Spark?

  36. The Holy (D7) Grail: Spark Spark Distribution • Being developed

    by Acquia • Intended to test authoring experience improvements in Drupal 7 on real sites with real users and real content. • Inline editing, true WYSIWYG, responsive layout builder, new admin theme, and more!
  37. [What you can do with Spark now...]

  38. Modules Covered • Login Redirect - drupal. org/project/login_redirect • Rules

    - drupal.org/project/rules • Core Dashboard module • Workbench suite of modules • Better Formats drupal. org/project/better_formats • Node Form Settings module - drupal. org/project/nodeformsettings • Field_Group drupal.org/project/field_group • Shortcut per Role - drupal. org/project/shortcutperrole • Publish Button Module - drupal. org/project/publish_button • Views UI: Edit Basic Settings - drupal. org/project/views_ui_basic • Views Bulk Operations - drupal. org/project/views_bulk_operations • Field Validation - drupal. org/project/field_validation • Clientside Validation - drupal. org/project/clientside_validation • Diff Module - drupal.org/project/diff
  39. Questions?? • Questions? • Thank you!