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Code Anywhere In Your Browser

Code Anywhere In Your Browser

Michael Cheng

February 26, 2014

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  1. Background • Modern browsers are getting more powerful. • Standardization:

    HTML5, CSS3, more powerful JavaScript engines. • Remote editing of code has always existed. ◦ Power users have been using SSH, Vim/EMAC/nano & GNU Screen/TMUX sessions to share screen & collaborate for years. • Not easy to setup.
  2. Early Initiatives • Early attempts at bringing IDE to the

    web: ◦ Cloud9 (https://c9.io/) ◦ CodeAnywhere (https://codeanywhere.net/) • No PHP support. • Limited shell access. • Not ready for complex & modern MVC frameworks.
  3. New Kids on the Block • Koding (https://koding.com/) • Nitrous.io

    (https://www.nitrous.io/) • Features: ◦ Creates a new virtual machine for your dev env. ◦ Web based code editing tool. ◦ Full shell access (sometimes sudo access too). ◦ Web preview with sub-domain. ◦ Collaboration tools.