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Code Anywhere In Your Browser

Code Anywhere In Your Browser

Michael Cheng

February 26, 2014

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  1. Code Anywhere In
    Your Web
    Web based IDEs

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  2. Background
    ● Modern browsers are getting more powerful.
    ● Standardization: HTML5, CSS3, more
    powerful JavaScript engines.
    ● Remote editing of code has always existed.
    ○ Power users have been using SSH,
    Vim/EMAC/nano & GNU Screen/TMUX sessions to
    share screen & collaborate for years.
    ● Not easy to setup.

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  3. Early Initiatives
    ● Early attempts at bringing IDE to the web:
    ○ Cloud9 (https://c9.io/)
    ○ CodeAnywhere (https://codeanywhere.net/)
    ● No PHP support.
    ● Limited shell access.
    ● Not ready for complex & modern MVC

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  4. New Kids on the Block
    ● Koding (https://koding.com/)
    ● Nitrous.io (https://www.nitrous.io/)
    ● Features:
    ○ Creates a new virtual machine for your dev env.
    ○ Web based code editing tool.
    ○ Full shell access (sometimes sudo access too).
    ○ Web preview with sub-domain.
    ○ Collaboration tools.

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  5. Demo

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