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Engineers.SG Volunteers Training (July 2017)

Engineers.SG Volunteers Training (July 2017)

Michael Cheng

July 01, 2017

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  1. Engineers.SG Engineers.SG is a 
 not-for-profit community initiative created to

    help document the Singapore tech and startup scene.
  2. Why Engineers.SG? • Created to answer the question, "where are

    the engineers in Singapore?", Engineers.SG seeks to be the place for anyone to get to know, learn and interact with the Singapore tech community. • On the site, you can find a curated list of videos recording of local tech meetups and events. 5
  3. Some Stats • ~1800 videos, ~5000 subscribers on YouTube •

    Website: 18k page views / month • YouTube Channel: 36k views / month • 30 conferences recorded so far • Upcoming: WordCampSG, YOW • We have trained 40+ volunteers so far 7
  4. Streamline the Capture Workflow • Capture all the inputs (video,

    screen capture and audio) at the same time. • Feed all the sources into a laptop via USB. • Software video mixer that lets us record, stream and edit the video feeds live. • No video post-production required. • Video files are ready to be uploaded at end of session. 12
  5. 13 Video Splitter Video output Video input Presenter’s Laptop Screen

    video capture tool Webcam Wireless microphone Software Video Mixer
  6. 14 Video Splitter Video output Video input Presenter’s Laptop Screen

    video capture tool Webcam Wireless microphone Software Video Mixer
  7. 17 • Title • Description • Organization • Presenter Info

    • Links to Slides • Link to Event Page
  8. Pre-Meetup Procedures 1. Get permission from meetup organizers, ensure presenters

    are ok. 2. Get volunteers to sign up for meetup slot. (http://bit.ly/ esg-schedule), set to be allocated. Volunteer should register for meetup. 3. Collect designated set 1 day before (or on day itself). 4. Reach meetup at least 30 mins before. 18
  9. Post-Meetup Procedures (Advanced Users) 1. Copy out video file. Return

    set if possible. 2. Run audio optimisation script on the recorded video file (https://github.com/engineersftw/gitwiki/tree/master/scripts). 3. Upload to YouTube Channel. Cron job syncs video to website. 4. Update Engineers.SG admin page with Organization & Presenter info. 5. Post link to Meetup page. 6. Setup social media post on Buffer (optional). 19
  10. Post-Meetup Procedures (Simpler Process) 1. Copy out video file. 2.

    Upload to http://upload.engineers.sg 3. Video should appear on Engineers.SG within the hour. 4. Return set (if possible). 5. Inform Facebook Chat Group. 20
  11. Open Source Resources • GitHub Wiki (https://github.com/engineersftw/gitwiki) • Video Tutorial

    • https://bit.ly/esg-video-tutorial • Website: https://github.com/engineersftw/website • OBS Studio (http://obsproject.com) 21
  12. Join Us! Support Us! • Email us: [email protected] • Follow

    us on Twitter: @EngineersFTW • Like our page: https://www.facebook.com/engineersftw/ • Support Us! https://engineers.sg/support_us 54