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Supercharge Your Stack with Vagrant

Supercharge Your Stack with Vagrant

Presented at SingaporeJS Meetup on 1 Apr 2013

Michael Cheng

April 01, 2013

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  1. What is Vagrant? • Vagrant provides easy to configure, reproducible,

    and portable work environments. • Built on top of industry-standard technology and controlled by a single consistent workflow. • Help maximize the productivity and flexibility of you and your team. Monday, 1 April, 13
  2. What is Vagrant? • Management tool for development Virtual Machines

    (VirtualBox, VMWare, AWS). • Spins up a VM with a base OS installation. • Allow for automated pre-installation of your dev stack/tools in the box via a Shell Script, Puppet or Chef. (Provisioning) • Work on files in your host OS and have it synced automatically to the VM. Monday, 1 April, 13
  3. Problems it Solve • Clean separation of your computer's OS

    and the Dev stack. Closer to the production environment. • Reproducible config that can be shared with your co-workers. No more inconsistent Dev setup. • Automated install - not manually running multiple shell commands and making a mess cos u run them in the wrong order. • Lets you focus on the important things - writing code. Monday, 1 April, 13
  4. Demo • Download Vagrant from http://vagrantup.com • Pick a base

    OS: http://www.vagrantbox.es • Terminal Commands • vagrant init • vagrant up • vagrant suspend • vagrant reload • vagrant destroy Monday, 1 April, 13
  5. Projects • Dev stack for NodeJS (https://github.com/ miccheng/vagrant-nodejs) • LAMP

    stack in CentOS (https://github.com/ miccheng/vagrant-lamp-centos63) Monday, 1 April, 13