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Accelerate Go development with Bazel

October 28, 2019

Accelerate Go development with Bazel


October 28, 2019

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  1. Monorepo ッ 1,000 ッ 1 2 2,000 ッ Make le

    1,000 go build ッ local CI
  2. How does Bazel work? 2. Analysis phase: DAG (directed acyclic

    graph) action graph action : run gcc on hello.c and get hello.o aciton graph Bazel track
  3. Use cases Google, Uber, Dropbox, Pinterest, Stripe, Microservices with Monorepo

    Kubernetes, Envoy, Protobuf, Tensor ow, Angular, Google OSS Bazel
  4. Practice ッ Go protoc ッ Gazelle (BUILD ) ッ .bazelrc

    ( ) ッ Bazelisk (Bazel ) ッ nogo (Go Bazel )