Midori Connolly


(From about.me/midoriconnolly) I am the Chief AVGirl at AVGirl Productions and former co-owner of a homegrown AudioVisual company. A native San Diegan, I fell hard for technology in my teens and have since loved using the wonders of the technium at meetings and events to spark adult learning and inspiration. I am a sustainability passionista...it's no coincidence my name means green and I have green eyes! My other "hobby" is being the Sr Tech Advisor to Seven Degrees Communications.

I lovelovelove my job and travel all over the world, using my imagination to reformulate the tired old conference formula that gives most of us the feeling of working on a factory line. From redesigning programs to creating inspirational and efficient audiovisual staging...you name it, I can vision it! I have the privilege of speaking to audiences of thousands as well as facilitating little educational groups of 10 adults. And that is equally good, as long as I am helping adults to learn to love learning (oh, did I mention I am a Montessorian and Phi Beta Kappa?)

I also love to golf, hike, ride horses, race veggie-oil powered offroad cars, swim in the ocean with my kids...and, especially, I enjoy losing time in daydreams and the latest editions of Wired and HBR.

So why contact me? Either you need help sorting through all the meetings technology available and could use a good "tech overlord" to make sure all the teams of webcasting, mobile app, AV, etc are talking to each other and giving you the best solution for your needs...or you think I might be a great fit to to present to your peeps that need to learn how to love tech and make it work for them. Either way...I promise we'll love getting to know one another!!