Manchester Geek Mental Help Week 2016

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October 06, 2016

Manchester Geek Mental Help Week 2016



October 06, 2016


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    Code of conduct We follow the Manchester Girl Geeks Code

    of Conduct. Please take a read and contact either Mike Bell or Gem Hill if you want to talk about anything. We want this to be a safe space for everyone.
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    Speakers/Agenda 6:45: Intro 7:00: Gem, Inner Pod 7:30: Open floor

    Short break 8:00: Mike - An anxious look at anxiety. 8:40: Thrivo End
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    Lightning Talks/Open floor 5-10 minutes about any mental health topic.

    No pressure No slides needed No prep needed!
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    Get involved! Anyone can contribute! The site ( is on

    GitHub pages, so you can submit a Pull Request* * Go to for easy instructions if you've never done it before!
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    Girl Geek Tea Party Sunday October 9th, Manchester Girl Geeks

    are hosting a Girl Geek Tea Party. Topics include: • How apps can manage mental health • A workshop on 30 days of happiness • How mental health impacts physical health and vice versa • Talks on sleep, suicide, and more
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    Should you tell employees/employers? To disclose or not to disclose?

    What do you do if you issue affects your career progression?
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    How do you ask for help without feeling like you’re

    showing weakness? And like I planned it… How do MH issues affect family and relationships?