The "Always Be X" of Remote Working

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August 10, 2016

The "Always Be X" of Remote Working

Everything I've learnt about remote working in 8 months



August 10, 2016


  1. 7.

    Cables, all of them. HDMI / USB A to B

    / Display Port to X Always be carrying…
  2. 12.

    Respect the businesses you use Pay for your time in

    drinks and food Always be buying things
  3. 13.

    Don’t forget to say please and thankful. The effect on

    others and yourself is great. Always be thankful
  4. 15.

    Make sure your home office is perfect your going to

    spend a lot of time there. Always be comfortable
  5. 16.

    Find someone to co-work with at least once a week.

    Helps to prevent cabin fever. Always be co-working
  6. 19.

    Healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Far too easy

    to sit at home and do nothing. Always be exercising
  7. 22.