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The evolution of the Umbraco Cloud platform

The evolution of the Umbraco Cloud platform

Mikkel Holck Madsen

July 05, 2022

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  1. Umbraco HQ: The evolution of the Umbraco Cloud platform Martin

    Humlund Clausen - Cloud platform team lead Mikkel Holck Madsen - Umbraco Cloud mastermind
  2. Who are we? Martin H. Clausen - Umbraco Cloud Platform

    team lead Mikkel H. Madsen - Umbraco Cloud mastermind
  3. • Time to provision new hardware • Maintaining File servers!

    • SQL server optimization • Team scalability • Unable to extend the Hosting platform further!
  4. Chapter 1 - Where we started Chapter 2 - We

    need to do something, or else.. Chapter 3 - …
  5. To not repeat history we had to ask ourselves "What

    do we need to change internally and what is the most important things to get done right”
  6. Provide guidelines and best practices Infrastructure as code Automated testing

    Observability Release with confidence Guiding principles
  7. • Storage of website data • CDN • Control of

    traffic • We don’t want to manage hardware • Identity management • Proven technology • Hosting support • We want to get back to deliver features to customers Challenges
  8. 2020 2021 2022 • Make us independent from the whitelabel

    solution • Take ownership of hosting data • Move to Azure blob for image storage • Identity management - Umbraco Id
  9. 2020 2021 2022 • Introduce native Azure hosting • Decomposing

    the monolith into dedicated services • Remember “” ? • Introducing Cloudflare - taking control of traffic • Migrated all websites away from AP and on to the new platform
  10. 2020 2021 2022 • Enabled CDN caching on content and

    media as well as automatic minification of css, js and html • Regional Hosting
  11. 2020 2021 Automatic Upgrades - old platform Online 24/7 Constraints

    on - Scalability (time to run upgrades increased) - Performance - Hardware sitting idle for weeks 2022
  12. Chapter 1 - Where we started Chapter 2 - This

    is meh, we need to do something, or else Chapter 3 - To infinity and beyond
  13. See you around at Codegarden Don’t be a stranger! We

    want to talk tech! Thank you for listening Microservices AKS (Kubernetes) Azure API Management Docker .NET 6 Azure App Configuration KeyVault Terraform Cloudflare Domain Driven Design principles Event driven Automated testing Yaml pipelines SpecFlow Playwright Azure B2C