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Small apps for first world problems

Small apps for first world problems

Going home from work is great. Waiting at the train station for your train is not. Instead of looking up the current train connection on your local transportation website, why not automate the lookup? I really got tired of typing two station names over and over again..

TAKE.ME.HOME. saves your favorite connection from A to B and automatically displays the current details, delays and what not on your next page visit. No interaction needed!


Michael Gecht

May 06, 2019


  1. Small apps for first world problems mimischi _mischi Michael Gecht

  2. Map campus/home

  3. [GIF showing a train plowing through a street parked with

  4. –Marthe Troly-Curtin “Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.”

  5. None
  6. RMV Open Data https://opendata.rmv.de Vue.js ecosystem

  7. TAKE.ME.HOME. Utilizing the ecosystem vue-router vuetify (+ portal-vue) vuex +


  9. https://github.com/mimischi/takemehome https://takemehome.now.sh