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OpenIntro: Building, Sustaining, Supporting, and Growing Open-Source Educational Resources

OpenIntro: Building, Sustaining, Supporting, and Growing Open-Source Educational Resources

OpenIntro’s (openintro.org) mission is to make educational products that are free and transparent and that lower barriers to education. The products include textbooks (in print and online), supporting resources for instructors as well as for students. In this talk we will discuss how the OpenIntro project has shaped and grown over the years, our process for developing and publishing open-source textbooks at the high school and college level, and our computing resources such as interactive R tutorials and R packages as well as labs in various languages. We will also give an overview of our project organisation and tooling for authoring, collaboration, and maintenance, much of which is built with R, R Markdown, Git, and GitHub. Finally, we will discuss opportunities for getting involved for educators and students contributing to the development of open-source educational resources under the OpenIntro umbrella and beyond.

Mine Cetinkaya-Rundel

August 08, 2021

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  1. Building, Sustaining, Supporting , and Growing Open-Source Educational Resources mine-cetinkaya-rundel

    [email protected] @minebocek 🔗 bit.ly/openintro-jsm2021 mine çetinkaya-runde l duke university & rstudio
  2. OpenIntro’s mission is to make educational products that are free,

    transparent, and lower barriers to education. mission 🔗 bit.ly/openintro-jsm2021
  3. ๏Applications as motivation ๏Real, recent, relatable datasets ๏Emphasis on data

    exploration, multivariable relationships, and statistical reasoning ๏Guided practices and worked examples interspersed in text ๏Lots of end of chapter exercises, with solutions to odd numbered questions in the back pedagogy 🔗 bit.ly/openintro-jsm2021
  4. ๏HTML textbook freely available ๏PDF also freely available — distributed

    through LeanPub with a suggested donation (min $0) ๏Paperback available at low cost — cost of printing + minimal royalty that goes back to OpenIntro (US-based nonpro fi t) “business” model 🔗 bit.ly/openintro-jsm2021
  5. ๏Each chapter its own Rmd fi le ๏Output to HTML

    and PDF with the same source code (and lots of customization!) how it’s made 🔗 bit.ly/openintro-jsm2021
  6. custom blocks ๏Challenge: Achieve similar looking custom blocks in HTML

    and PDF output ๏Solution: Fenced div blocks + Custom blocks chapter of the R Markdown Cookbook 🔗 bit.ly/openintro-useR2021 ::: {.guidedpractice data-latex=""} ::: Rmd .guidedpractice { padding: 1em 1em 1em 4em; margin-top: 30px; margin-bottom: 30px; background: #f8f8f8 5px center/3em no-repeat; border-top: 1px solid #569BBD; /* openintro::COL[1,1] */ border-bottom: 1px solid #569BBD; /* openintro::COL[1,1] */ background-image: url("../images/_icons/guided-practice.png"); background-position: 0.5em 1em; } .guidedpractice:before { content: "Guided practice"; clear: right; display: block; font-weight: bold; font-variant: small-caps; color: #569BBD; } CSS \newenvironment{guidedpractice}{ \vspace{4mm} \begin{mdframedwithfootGPWE} \begin{minipage}[t]{0.10\textwidth} {$\:$ \\ \setkeys{Gin}{width=2.5em,keepaspectratio} \includegraphics{images/_icons/guided-practice.png}} \end{minipage} \hfill \begin{minipage}[t]{0.90\textwidth} \vspace{-2mm} \setlength{\parskip}{1em} \noindent\textbf{\color{oiB}\small\fontfamily{phv} \selectfont{\MakeUppercase{Guided Practice}}} $\:$ \\ \\ } {\end{minipage} \end{mdframedwithfootGPWE} \vspace{4mm} } LaTeX
  7. plots ๏Challenge: A consistent and branded look for plots ๏Solution:

    De fi ne theme_openintro() and rede fi ne ggplot2 defaults ggplot2::update_geom_defaults("point", list(color = openintro::IMSCOL["blue","full"], fill = openintro::IMSCOL["blue","full"])) ggplot2::update_geom_defaults("bar", list(fill = openintro::IMSCOL["blue","full"], color = "#FFFFFF")) ggplot2::update_geom_defaults("col", list(fill = openintro::IMSCOL["blue","full"], color = "#FFFFFF")) ggplot2::update_geom_defaults("boxplot", list(color = openintro::IMSCOL["blue","full"])) ggplot2::update_geom_defaults("density", list(color = openintro::IMSCOL["blue","full"])) ggplot2::update_geom_defaults("line", list(color = openintro::IMSCOL["gray", "full"])) ggplot2::update_geom_defaults("smooth", list(color = openintro::IMSCOL["gray", "full"])) ggplot2::update_geom_defaults("dotplot", list(color = openintro::IMSCOL["blue","full"], fill = openintro::IMSCOL["blue","full"])) 🔗 bit.ly/openintro-jsm2021
  8. exercises ๏Challenge: Reproducibility while still not making all solutions publicly

    available ๏Solution: Develop in a separate (private) exercise bank and automate generating book fi les … For book (public): ๏All questions (_Q) ๏Short answers for odd numbered exercises (_SA) ๏Source code available For veri fi ed instructors (private): ๏Full solutions for all exercises (_A) ๏Only output available 🔗 bit.ly/openintro-jsm2021
  9. Inclusivity & accessibility ๏ Real and high quality data, especially

    in examples on applications that touch human lives ๏ Case studies on topics of societal importance without trivializing the multifaceted issues that underpin them ๏ Random names generated from culturally diverse sources ๏ Avoid gender stereotypes and gendered pronouns ๏ Color-blind friendly color scheme and alt-text on images 🔗 bit.ly/openintro-jsm2021
  10. ๏Challenge: Promote computing (with R) while also providing a textbook

    is language agnostic and can be used in courses that do not teach computing ๏Solution 1: Computational labs (case studies) provided separately, but linked throughout the book labs 🔗 bit.ly/openintro-jsm2021
  11. ๏Challenge: Promote computing (with R) while also providing a textbook

    is language agnostic and can be used in courses that do not teach computing ๏Solution 2: Supplement with interactive R tutorials developed with learnr tutorials 🔗 bit.ly/openintro-jsm2021
  12. ๏Veri fi ed teacher resources: slides, sample exams, full solutions

    ๏Forums ๏New venture: Non-stats textbooks ๏… 🔗 bit.ly/openintro-jsm2021
  13. openintro.org/teachers/get_involved ๏Datasets: Data hunter ๏Exams: Exam contributor ๏Exercises: ๏ Exercise

    contributor ๏ MyOpenMath exercise conversion ๏Labs: ๏ Lab solution developer ๏ New software owner ๏ New lab developer ๏Modules: ๏ Module developer ๏ Module editor ๏Translation ๏Your ideas? 🔗 bit.ly/openintro-jsm2021