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Wallingford Castle Archers Incorporation

Marc Tamlyn
January 29, 2018

Wallingford Castle Archers Incorporation

Presentation on the future plans for WCA as a legal entity, and promoting archery in South Oxfordshire.

Marc Tamlyn

January 29, 2018


  1. Incorporation
    The legal future of Wallingford Castle Archers

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  2. Vision
    • Archery for everyone from 5 to 105

    • Supporting development from grass roots to international

    • A large, open, sociable club

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  3. One club
    • Clear pathways for all ages to all levels

    • World class facilities

    • Well structured coaching

    • Financial support for members

    • Active in the local community

    • Active in the archery community

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  4. Pathways - 2016
    Adults Secondary age Primary age
    First contact Beginners course Beginners course
    Novice Club sessions Junior sessions
    Club sessions

    Junior sessions None
    Performance Squad Junior sessions N/A
    Leisure Club sessions

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  5. Pathways - future?
    Adults Secondary age Primary age
    First contact
    Taster session
    Corporate event
    School have a go
    PE lessons
    Beginners course

    Fast track
    Beginners course

    School club
    Leisure centre/
    School club
    Club sessions

    1-1 sessions
    Junior sessions

    School club
    Leisure/school club
    Minis sessions
    Boost courses
    1-1 sessions
    Junior sessions
    Minis sessions
    Junior sessions
    1-1 sessions
    1-1 sessions
    Leisure Club sessions Junior/club sessions N/A

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  6. This cannot be done
    purely by volunteers

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  7. Business activities
    • Working with schools and leisure centres

    • Paid coaching in the club

    • Beginners & boost courses

    • Parties and corporate events

    • Summer camps

    • Tournaments

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  8. Market analysis
    • There is a clear demand for archery in South Oxfordshire

    • We already have a dominant position in the market

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  9. Current progress
    • Club has grown to 75+ members in 2 years

    • Ever increasing requests for beginners courses

    • Coaching structures developing, including paid coaching
    and boost courses

    • Have held some successful parties and one tournament,
    two more planned this year

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  10. Current progress
    • In talks with four secondary schools (Wallingford, Didcot
    Girls, Aureus, Icknield) to start after school clubs

    • In talks with two primary schools (St John's Wallingford,
    Northbourne Didcot) about introduction sessions or after
    school groups

    • Willowbrook leisure centre in Didcot will be starting in

    • Ken & Diana work at 1 secondary school, 5 primary
    schools and 2 leisure centres

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  11. Market size
    • All organisations we have spoken to have been very

    • 10 secondary and 59 primary schools in SODC area

    • Several additional private schools, special schools etc

    • 6 leisure centres

    • Population at least 140,000. One of the most affluent
    areas of the country, with a high density of families

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  12. Case study
    • Deer Park Archers with Experience Archery Ltd

    • 120+ schools

    • 200 archers in club, over 90 juniors, 35 qualified coaches

    • Indoor facilities every day of the week

    • Multiple award winning

    • Two full time coaches who XPA

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  13. Legal status
    • Unincorporated organisation - membership and
    committee personally liable

    • Marc works through Marc Tamlyn Ltd, wholly owned
    private company

    • Ken & Diana have varying relationships with different

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  14. Options
    • Employed individual staff in dozens of places

    • Supply and service agreement with MTLtd

    • Incorporated organisation employing staff

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  15. Company Limited by
    • Companies are usually limited by shares

    • Limited by Guarantee is owner by the membership

    • Usually max liability £1 per member

    • Registered with Companies House, has directors and

    • Are a genuine business so can employ staff, sign
    contracts, own property

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  16. Company Limited by
    • GNAS is a company limited by guarantee

    • Several other archery clubs, such as DPA, Guildford,

    • Often done in non-trading mode so there is a legal entity
    to own land and equipment

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  17. Community Amateur
    Sports Club (CASC)
    • Special kind of Company Limited by Guarantee

    • Imposes restrictions on various aspects of the
    organisation of the club

    • Gives certain benefits

    • Unusual in archery, but quite common in other sports
    such as cricket and rowing

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  18. CASC requirements
    • Be open to the whole community - max limit on
    membership fees (£31/week)

    • Be amateur - max £10,000/year payments to players

    • Main purpose promoting an eligible sport

    • Income limit of £100,000 (can have trading subsidiary)

    • Managed by fit and proper persons (like a charity)

    • Participation

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  19. CASC benefits
    • Exempt from corporation tax on trading profits if turnover under

    • Last year our total turnover was around £15,000.

    • No VAT until trading turnover exceeds £85,000

    • Only "trading income" is taxable

    • Gift aid on donations (not membership)

    • Trading subsidiary can be a full business owned by the club which
    gift aids its profits to the club. Would probably do this when nearing
    the VAT limit, but would then need two lots of accounts/directors

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  20. Trading income
    • Income from membership is considered separately to
    income from non-members

    • Trading income would cover schools, have a gos,
    beginners courses, tournaments, guest fees etc

    • Membership fees, club stash for members, members
    cash handled for external competition entry etc are not

    • Only trading income is taxable, but all income must be
    accounted for

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  21. Financial implications
    • Cost to set up a company - £10-15

    • Formal accounts will need to be prepared annually and submitted
    to Companies House, ~£600/year

    • Additional insurance may be needed for some groups, probably

    • Expenses for marketing activities & admin

    • Costs of operating payroll

    • No changes to bank account fees, but we will have to get a new

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  22. Costs of staff
    • Employers National Insurance - 13.8% after first £8,000

    • Mandatory pension - 2% from April 2018

    • Payroll - £40/month

    • Coach insurance - £90/year for UK Coaching

    • Travel expenses to external venues (not including
    commuting to Wallingford sites)

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  23. Implications for the
    club membership
    • Membership income remains ring fenced for the

    • Growing membership

    • New directions such as primary schools age groups

    • Paid coaching opportunities for other coaches

    • Secure legal footing with max £1 liability

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  24. Implications for the
    club membership
    • Full time dedication from Marc

    • More connections in the community - easier to get new
    venues and funding

    • Profits from commercial activities, funding equipment,
    grants and subsidising club activities

    • Long term goal of a permanent indoor facility

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  25. Next steps
    • Applications in progress for funding initial equipment

    • Reach out to more schools

    • Consultation evening in February 2018

    • Vote at an EGM in March 2018

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