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Arousal and Anxiety

Arousal and Anxiety

Presentation given as part of a L2 course

Marc Tamlyn

March 23, 2019

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  1. Arousal and Anxiety
    L2 course

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  2. https://youtu.be/

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  3. What do we see?
    • Reo Wilde is very abrupt in his pre-shot routine. Koreans
    generally much smoother in their movements.

    • Americans much more exuberant in celebration - big high
    fives, strong interaction with the coach, high energy level.
    Koreans more subdued, gentle fist bumps, no obvious
    interaction with coach.

    • Both anchor archers (Gellentien and Kim J) are vocal,
    talking to the archers on the line. Braden talks a lot more.

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  4. What do we see?
    • Gellentien in particular is very shuffly for most of the
    match - shifting his weight, looking around. He appears
    steady and calm on the line, but the energy is bubbling

    • How do the Koreans deal with the first 9? Hard to gauge
    an obvious behavioural response - this is probably good!

    • Last shot by Kim J goes off really fast and bang in the X -
    pressure is off so he relaxes.

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  5. Weinberg & Gould (2011)
    A general physiological and psychological
    activation, varying on a continuum to from deep
    sleep to excitement
    What is arousal?

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  6. What is arousal?
    • Emotional energy

    • Physical energy

    • Conscious brain activity

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  7. Low arousal
    • Weak shot

    • Skipping parts of the shot sequence

    • Distracted

    • Indifferent

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  8. High arousal
    • Very aggressive shot

    • Lack of follow through

    • Agitated behaviour

    • Tension

    • Overthinking

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  9. Anxiety
    • Anxiety is a negative emotional response to high arousal

    • Stress

    • Worry

    • Technical meltdown

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  10. Controlling anxiety
    • Preparation!

    • Kit

    • Technique

    • Familiarity with venue, companions etc

    • Timekeeping

    • Experience

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  11. Hann's IZOF
    • Individual zone of optimal

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  12. Find the zone
    • 2 minutes, 3 ways to change arousal level

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  13. Increase Arousal
    • Positive self talk

    • Being energetic

    • Focusing on an aggressive shot

    • High fives with team mates

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  14. Decrease Arousal
    • Deep breathing

    • Yawning

    • Stretching

    • Closing your eyes

    • Sitting down

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  15. It depends!
    • Not every archer has the same optimal arousal level

    • Help your archers to find what works for them, and give
    them strategies to raise or lower arousal levels

    • Find out what makes your archers anxious, and work on
    strategies to alleviate nerves

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  16. Questions?

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