Vermont Code Camp 2019 - Intro to Deep Learning for Developers

Vermont Code Camp 2019 - Intro to Deep Learning for Developers

For Vermont locals:
Join the BTV Dev Slack Community!
Vermont Women in Machine Learning and Data Science Meetup -
Burlington Data Scientists Meetup -

Talk Resources:
*Machine Learning Frameworks*
TensorFlow -
Train your first neural network: basic classification | TensorFlow -
Keras -
PyTorch -
Caffe2 -

*Resources on IBM Developer*
IBM Developer -
IBM Cloud -
Center for Open-Source Data & AI Technologies (CODAIT) -
IBM Developer Model Asset Exchange (MAX) -
Model Asset Exchange (MAX) Code Patterns -
🧙😺 magicat -
Veremin -

*Preparing, Building, and Training AI Models*
Project Jupyter -
IBM Developer Model Asset Exchange (MAX) -
IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog -
IBM Watson Studio -

*Deploying and Running AI Models*
Data Mining Group (PMML & PFA) -
ONNX.js -
TensorFlow.js -
TensorFlow Lite -
Core ML -
IBM Watson Machine Learning -

*Operating, Managing, and Making AI Systems Explainable, Fair, and Robust*
Fabric for Deep Learning (FfDL) -
AI Fairness 360 Toolkit -
Adversarial Robustness 360 Toolbox -
AI Explainability 360 Toolkit -
IBM Watson OpenScale -

*Let's Play with Deep Learning!*
Veremin, the Deep Learning Theremin -
magicat, the Command Line image analyzer tool -
Model Asset eXchange (MAX), ready to use deep learning models -
AI Fairness 360, mitigate unwanted bias from your models -


Maureen McElaney

September 28, 2019