Vermont Code Camp 9 - Go Offline First to Save the World

Vermont Code Camp 9 - Go Offline First to Save the World

List of Nifty Tools:
A community-driven list of PWA stats:
Progressive Web App Examples:
Test a website's performance:
A Collection of Offline States:
Calibre for performance analytics:
Codelabs for the PWA Roadshow
Server-rendered React apps:
Offline First Javascript Backend:
JS Database that Syncs:
Package manager for datasets:
Fully-managed NoSQL database-as-a-service:

Further Reading about Offline First:
* Nolan Lawson, Microsoft Edge, “Progressive Enhancement isn’t dead but it smells funny”
* Prosper Otemuyiwa, Google, “Introduction to Progressive Web Apps (Offline First) - Part 1”
* Pedro Teixeira, YLD, “Building realtime collaborative offline-first apps with React, Redux, PouchDB and WebSockets”
* Jesse Beach, Facebook, on Conceptualizing and Expressing Offline to the End User
* Calvin Metcalf, AppGeo, “Security in Offline First Apps”
* Lara Hogan, Etsy, “Designing for Performance”
* Ben Schwarz, “Real World Connectivity: Beyond the Bubble”


Maureen McElaney

September 16, 2017