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International Website Migrations

International Website Migrations

Website migrations are probably the riskiest project in SEO. They are even more complex and delicate in international markets. This is my take on this matter for the Global SEO Club.

Montserrat Cano

April 05, 2024

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  1. montserrat-cano.com I N T E R N A T I

    O N A L W E B S I T E M I G R A T I O N S H O W T O A V O I D T H E S T O R M montserrat-cano.com
  2. montserrat-cano.com A D D E D L A Y E

    R O F C O M P L E X I T Y
  3. montserrat-cano.com B R A V I N G T H

    E S T O R M A V O I D I N G T H E S T O R M vs
  4. montserrat-cano.com T H E P R E V E N

    T A B L E P R O B L E M P A R A D O X https://medium.com/@shreyashere/why-our-leaders-fail-us-and-then-save-us-the-preventable- problem-paradox-872614ec3293 montserrat-cano.com
  5. montserrat-cano.com URLs you don´t need anymore Clunky or outdated CMS

    Protocol or hosting provider Switching domain names Website redesign Merging websites Changing website architecture and/or URL However…
  6. montserrat-cano.com montserrat-cano.com I S I T N E C E

    S S A R Y R I G H T N O W ? D O Y O U H A V E T H E R E S O U R C E S ? Necessar y Got resource s Do it
  7. montserrat-cano.com montserrat-cano.com A L L B U S I N

    E S S E S A R E D I F F E R E N T A N D A R E A T D I F F E R E N T S T A G E S O F T H E I R J O U R N E Y montserrat-cano.com
  8. montserrat-cano.com We need real reasons to avoid losing: • Visibility

    • Online reputation • Revenue L E T ´ S N O T B E C L U M S Y !
  9. montserrat-cano.com That’s why SEOs need to either lead or being

    in a leading role in any migration project
  10. montserrat-cano.com S O M E A S P E C

    T S T O B E A R I N M I N D • Specific market conditions • Company vision/ practices
  11. montserrat-cano.com • Technical & content quality issues • Different market

    conditions • Varying brand appreciation • Different languages • Cultural differences • It´s an extra effort
  12. montserrat-cano.com L A C K O F I N T

    E R N A L A W A R E N E S S
  13. montserrat-cano.com montserrat-cano.com S O M E T I P S

    T O D E A L W I T H C H A L L E N G E S
  14. montserrat-cano.com Not in our hands • Sudden change in internal

    priorities • Emergencies • Sudden market/ business decisions • Recommendations not implemented • Others
  15. montserrat-cano.com • Results from market research • Results from technical

    audit • Brand perception • Loss of visibility and sales or leads Managing expectations regarding each market Get internal buy-in and reputation
  16. montserrat-cano.com Aim for a solid website for each market &

    be ready for any eventuality to help minimise the effects of any wrong decisions
  17. montserrat-cano.com S T O C K T A K E

    T I M E … • Markets • Products • Services • Contact pages • Old blog entries • Delivery, logistics info • Payment info, currencies • Branding consitency • URL structure • Navigation • hreflang • Use of language/s • Structure making sense • Design issues: overlapping text, etc • Appropriate images • Visibility and accessibility • Specific content • Compliance: content and tech • Backlinks
  18. montserrat-cano.com T A K E A P R O J

    E C T M A N A G E M E N T A P P R O A C H Business/ marketing vision Audit Decide and prioritise accordingly Execute exactly Measure Repeat as necessary
  19. montserrat-cano.com Get data first! Audit on each market • Technical

    audit • Content audit • Performance • RoI • Brand perception T A K E A P R O J E C T M A N A G E M E N T A P P R O A C H
  20. montserrat-cano.com C O L L A B O R A

    T E • Extended regional teams • Extended internal teams • Overall marketing • IT • Analysts • UX/ CRO • Finance • Legal Websites as a reflection of the organisation
  21. montserrat-cano.com L E G A L C O M P

    L I A N C E • Different laws for each market, eg BDSG in Germany • Payment platforms or processes • CRM integration • Data migration
  22. montserrat-cano.com montserrat-cano.com The cost of a failed international website migration

    project is too high for businesses in this increasingly crowded online landscape
  23. montserrat-cano.com montserrat-cano.com Plan and execute well Mind the nuances on

    each market Educate internally Collaborate with others
  24. montserrat-cano.com montserrat-cano.com My name is Montserrat Cano  In-house &

    consultant  International SEO & digital marketing  Localisation projects  UK & UE search awards judge  Associate University Professor  Upcoming book on digital marketing  Contributor to the book SEO in 2023 Please consider donating to the Red Cross if you can: https://www.icrc.org/en
  25. montserrat-cano.com A N Y Q U E S T I

    O N S ? montserrat-cano.com