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Document Redaction with LibreOffice

Document Redaction with LibreOffice

My talk from FOSDEM 2019.

Redaction in its sanitization sense (as distinguished from its other editing sense) is the blacking out or deletion of text in a document, or the result of such an effort. It is intended to allow the selective disclosure of information in a document while keeping other parts of the document secret. Typically the result is a document that is suitable for publication or for dissemination to others than the intended audience of the original document. For example, when a document is subpoenaed in a court case, information not specifically relevant to the case at hand is often redacted. Another example is patient information of hospitals, which is distributed to be used for research purposes.

A new document redaction feature for Collabora Office is being developed, and it will also be available on the next major version of LibreOffice. This new feature will provide a much more efficient means than the traditional print-redact-scan process, and will try to prevent also the accidental leakage of redacted information by completely removing them in the resulting PDF document, rather than just hiding.

Muhammet Kara

February 02, 2019

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  1. Collabora Productivity www.collaboraoffice.co
    Collabora Productivity
    Document Redaction
    with LibreOffice
    By Muhammet Kara
    Consultant Software Engineer at
    Collabora Productivity

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  2. Collabora Productivity www.collaboraoffice.co
    Muhammet Kara

    Working on the core & UI

    Since Dec 2018

    Was @Pardus project before

    LibreOffice certified developer

    Long-time GNOME contributor

    Member of The Document Foundation & the GNOME

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  3. Collabora Productivity www.collaboraoffice.co
    What is Redaction, aka Sanitization?
    “Redaction/Sanitization is the process of
    removing sensitive information from a document
    or other message, so that the document may be
    distributed to a broader audience.”

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  4. Collabora Productivity www.collaboraoffice.co
    Some of the reasons

    Unclassify the classified documents

    Privacy protection & data anonymization

    Prevent information leak in collaborative environments


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  5. Collabora Productivity www.collaboraoffice.co
    Some of the possible users

    Government & military

    Public institutions

    Anyone who wants to share info without disclosing
    personal/private information


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  6. Collabora Productivity www.collaboraoffice.co

    Open a document in LibreOffice Writer/Calc

    When you are ready to redact, click the redact button/menu

    Redact the doc in LibreOffice Draw

    Export & share with the others

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  7. Collabora Productivity www.collaboraoffice.co
    Technical Process

    Convert the document into a metafile

    Spawn a new Draw instance

    Insert the metafile into Draw

    Open the Redaction toolbar

    Flatten/pixelize document while exporting

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  8. Collabora Productivity www.collaboraoffice.co
    Redaction Toolbar
    Rectangle Redaction Freeform Redaction Export as Pizelized PDF

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  9. Collabora Productivity www.collaboraoffice.co
    How & where & by who?

    Adding new feature by improving LibreOffice’s facilities

    On LibreOffice core code repo (master)

    By Collabora Productivity team

    Not ready for prime-time… yet!

    More features are in being baked...

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  10. Demo

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  11. Collabora Productivity
    Thank you!
    By Muhammet Kara
    [email protected]

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