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Customize Dialog: The Road So Far and the Next Steps

Muhammet Kara
September 28, 2018

Customize Dialog: The Road So Far and the Next Steps

A status report on: What has been done/improved/fixed in the Customize dialog after GSoC 2017 until now; what is the current status, what is left to do, and the future plans.

This is a lightning talk.

Muhammet Kara

September 28, 2018

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  1. Customize Dialog
    Muhammet Kara
    [email protected]
    TIRANA | 28 Sept. 2018

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  2. Agenda
    • Goals
    • Current State
    • Since Last Year
    • What’s Left

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  3. Goals

    Modernize to…
    – ...make it more usable
    – ...make it fully accessible
    – ...make it intuitive
    – ...eliminate bugs

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  4. Current State

    Finished tabs:
    – Menus
    – Toolbars
    – Context Menus

    Search feature in the keyboard tab

    Some annoying bugs fixed

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  6. Since Last Year

    Some fixed bugs & added features
    – tdf#108916: uno:LanguageStatus shouldn't appear in the customize dialog
    – tdf#112207: Allow assigning styles to ui elements
    – tdf#112207: Allow assigning macros to ui elements
    – tdf#114260: Add gear button to Customize dialog
    – tdf#114260: Allow moving top-level menus
    – tdf#115511: Make the description field keyboard-accessible
    – tdf#116494: Don't ask parent if no help text
    – tdf#114260: Allow setting toolbar style in the gear menu
    – tdf#112323: Sort the category list alphabetically in the Customize dialog
    – Add UI test for the Customize dialog

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  7. TODO

    Revamp the remaining tabs
    – Keyboard
    – Events

    Fix existing bugs on the meta bug

    Tdf#103238 – Customize Dialog Meta Bug

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