Automate the Small Things - Chicago Roboto '19

Automate the Small Things - Chicago Roboto '19

Mobile moves fast, and so do you. To meet your deadlines, you want to build the right thing, at the right time; every time.

Your continuous integration pipeline allows you to do this, but can it do more?

- How can you enforce coding formatting, styling conventions, and best practices?
- Do you build everything on every commit? Do you have a daily build or customize your build per branch?
- What do you record and analyze? Are your tests passing? Is your apk getting too large?
- How do you distribute your apk for testing and release?

In this talk, you'll what tools are available at every step of the continuous integration pipeline; allowing you to automate as much as possible and dedicate your time to what matters most.


Nate Ebel

April 26, 2019