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Nerding For Nature: Leveraging Open Source Technology for Eco-Research

Nerding For Nature: Leveraging Open Source Technology for Eco-Research

Presented at Maker Faire Bay Area 2014 by Ken McGary, Andrew Thaler, and Sean Headrick, audio/video available on the Google Hangout.

Nerds For Nature

May 18, 2014

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  1. ... to help understand, protect, and revive the natural world.

    Bringing together technologists and environmental professionals, students and citizen scientists...
  2. www.nerdsfornature.org www.speakerdeck.com @nerds4nature Find us on Meetup and Google Groups!

    Leveraging Open Source Technology Maker Faire Bay Area 2014 For Ecological Research
  3. A simple, elegant concept developed by Sam Droege, USGS Patuxent

    Wildlife Research Center. monitorchange.org Nature Nerds added design and social media elements, and we’re now turning park visitors into a remote sensor network! inspired by...
  4. Mt. Diablo Morgan Fire We're documenting habitat change after the

    Morgan Fire on Mount Diablo, which burned 3,100 acres in September 2013. We're collaborating with Mount Diablo State Park and the Wildlife Society, Western Section.
  5. The Future Monitor other natural areas • Aftermath of the

    Yosemite Rim Fire (second largest in CA history) • Aftermath of South Bay proscribed fires • We expect many other inquiries Develop better software • Computer vision (openCV) to stitch timelapse movies. EcoHack Success!!! • On-line web interface to set up programs and use analysis tools. Other uses • Public events like Maker Faire ! • Construction and habitat restoration sites • Potential pollution sites • Gardens, greenhouses, and farms
  6. Mix and Mingle: “The IDEAS one hears in brainstorming shout-

    outs are fantastic, original and brave.” Liam O’Brien
  7. openCTD: Oceanography for Everyone "The Ocean belongs to everyone. Shouldn’t

    we all have access to the tools needed to study it?" Dr. Andrew Thaler
  8. Robots for Nature: Using Drones for Ecological Research "If possible,

    correlate what you find with oxygen data at the depth sampled. Oxygen is a limiting factor in Lake Merritt." Dr. Bailey, Lake Merritt Institute
  9. What Are Eco-Drones? Traditional remote sensing methods have become prohibitive

    due to expense and danger, yet researchers have urgently increasing needs to monitor sensitive and ever-changing coastal and inland areas, due to the impact of human development , sea-level rise and climate change on biodiversity and habitat health.
  10. Vegetation & Landform Mapping Low-altitude high-resolution aerial photography, photogrammetry, and

    range mapping for comprehensive plant (maybe animal) and landform surveys. • Satellites are too distant to get the resolution required. • Small airplanes are too expensive and dangerous. • Tromping through on a regular basis is time-consuming and disruptive to habitat. • A general imaging goal is pixel resolution on the order of 1cm. Slide courtesy of Jeff Miller
  11. Ranging Technologies • LiDAR • Real Time Kinematic • Ultrasonic

    ranging • Photogrammetry Slides courtesy of Jeff Miller
  12. Videography • Regular aerial video surveys to compare vegetation, landforms,

    and waterways over time • General videography for public outreach and education • Occasional targeted observations (surveying storm damage, etc.)
  13. photo credits Ken-ichi Ueda Sterling Sheehy Jennifer Rycenga Eddie Dunbar

    Chris Cook Taj (Mr. Wolf) Alison Young Scott Loarie Ed Brownson Ken McGary Tamara Schwartz Kaldari Liam O’Brien sea-kangaroo Dan Rademacher Damon Tighe Donna Pomeroy Ken Schneider
  14. partners & friends ManyLabs Aerotestra Sequoia Audubon Society California Academy

    of Sciences Nature In The City Wild Oakland East Bay Parks Mt. Diablo State Park Wildlife Society USGS Western Ecological Research Center Sudo Room Stamen Design Bay Area Citizen Science Coalition many others!
  15. www.nerdsfornature.org www.speakerdeck.com @nerds4nature Find us on Meetup and Google Groups!

    Leveraging Open Source Technology Maker Faire Bay Area 2014 For Ecological Research