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Information architecture as knowledge translation [World IA Day]

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February 20, 2016

Information architecture as knowledge translation [World IA Day]

World IA Day: Ottawa



February 20, 2016

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  1. information architecture as knowledge translation what happens when IA is

    a matter of life and death?
  2. Twitter: @newtron GitHub: @nwtn Slides: nwtn.ca/e

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  4. nwtn.ca/f nwtn.ca/h

  5. IA: findable and understandable

  6. KT: findable, understandable, and utilized

  7. the know–do gap

  8. from knowledge to action

  9. None
  10. Rosenfeld, Morville, Arango. 2015. Information Architecture for the Web and

    Beyond, 4th edition. O’Reilly.
  11. At every stage: • users • ethics • resources Straus,

    Tetroe, Graham eds. 2013. Knowledge Translation in Health Care: Moving from Evidence to Practice, Second edition. Wiley Blackwell.
  12. knowledge funnel action cycle

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  25. IA is free verse KT is a haiku …but it’s

    all poetry
  26. nwtn.ca/f nwtn.ca/h

  27. Twitter: @newtron GitHub: @nwtn Slides: nwtn.ca/e