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Performance myths in android

Performance myths in android

We know reflection or enum are contentious topics, but do they cause *real* performance problems? Let's see!

Javier Gamarra

July 15, 2016

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  1. I'll take something 10-20% slower that offers better APIs for

    the very reason that you'll never get close to the limits -- Jake
  2. ... pretty much when done a lot 700 ms to

    NYTimes 660 ms to photobucket ...like JSON/XML parsing
  3. “If you use integer constants instead of enums in your

    Android app you are a fool” --Jake Wharton
  4. We use enums regularly because they are safer than Strings

    or ints and their performance downsides are minimal --instagram
  5. Things I like/UI • Flat layout hierarchy • Merge tags

    • Optimized bitmaps • Inexistent alpha
  6. References • Awesome list • Google+ community • High performance

    programming book • Performance Testing Tools • Speed up your app
  7. “If you care more about performance than correctness why using

    a computer at all?” I can give you the wrong answer faster than any machine ;) -- Mario Fusco