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Conversation as Interface - Future of Mobile Design ( WSJ & Dow Jones Mobile Week Presentation)

Conversation as Interface - Future of Mobile Design ( WSJ & Dow Jones Mobile Week Presentation)

This is a talk I gave to Dow Jones & WSJ company-wide. It provides an overview of the trend towards messaging interfaces across all sorts of mobile product categories, and tried to recommend design strategies and direction for companies trying to build products in this space.


Nicolae Rusan

October 26, 2015

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  1. Future of Mobile Design - Conversation as Interface 10.26.15

  2. MacGuffin Labs M We help companies innovate in the ‘Age

    of Messaging’ 2015 - 2004 - 2015 Messaging Era Social Network Era SMS
  3. Overview 1. Landscape of Messaging Apps 2. Design & Technology

    Trends in Messaging Apps 3. Thoughts for Media Companies Specifically
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  6. $21.8 Billion Facebook Acquisition of WhatsApp $900 Million Rakuten Acquisition

    of Viber
  7. Personal Communication 1 - 1 Broadcast Communication 1 - Many

    Social Networks Messaging Apps VS.
  8. Who Do We Talk To?


  10. Email SMS Basic Protocols Richer Apps Phone Calls TALK TO


  12. TALK TO NEW PEOPLE Business & Jobs Weave


  14. In Messaging Apps TALK TO BRANDS

  15. TALK TO BRANDS In Brands’ Products Feedback & customer support.

    More powerful tools for companies to talk to their users
  16. TALK TO EXPERTS Text With Doctor

  17. Text With Therapist Text With Life Coach Text With Nutritionist

  18. Talk to Experts - Text With Lawyer

  19. her

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  22. One App to Rule Them All WeChat’s Dominance in China

  23. Monthly Active Users Stats & Facts 549 Million + 40

    Min + Daily Reading Time Tencent. Mobile First. QQ -> WeChat
  24. Chat is Central…. BUT Taxis Food Delivery Book Restaurants Pay

    Bills Government Services Movie Tickets Send Money to Friends Coupons Shazaam Dating Doctors Appointments News & Media (Moments) E-Commerce … and much more APPS WITHIN THE APP SERVICES & APPS WITHIN APPS
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  28. WeChat As Distribution Channel +200M Views In Under 3 Days

  29. PLATFORM & PLUMBING Attention -> Services

  30. WeChat Toys

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  32. M is a personal digital assistant inside of Messenger that

    completes tasks and finds information on your behalf. It’s powered by artificial intelligence that’s trained and supervised by people. David Marcus - Facebook VP of Messaging Products
  33. “So far, most people are using M to pass off

    less than thrilling chores, get out of a bind, or just extend their bandwidth when life gets truly busy.”
  34. • “Media and communication are converging,” • “Some of what

    we’re all creating now will be a huge part of these messaging apps over the next one or two years.” - Jonah Peretti
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  36. Observations 1. Communication is Central to Human Behavior & Organization

    2. Computers are getting better at understanding natural language, and responding in natural ways, which allows us to take interact through conversation. 3. Allows for new types of interaction mediums - invisible interfaces, mining data, personalization.
  37. A New Type of Search Personal Assistants & Experts you

    have relationships and conversations with. Ask for things in natural, conversational way. Use conversation to disambiguate what you mean!
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  41. A New Type of Commerce Credit Card on File.

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  44. The Rise of Personal Assistants Siri

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  46. x.ai is a personal assistant who schedules meetings for you

  47. On Demand Travel Concierge

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  50. How Do You Engage?

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  52. Humans Humans + AI AI

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  54. Data Mining Conversations Evergreen Content & Patterns

  55. Cards: Information & Action

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  58. Information Action

  59. Operator

  60. Natural Language into Structured Data

  61. Mobile Chat + Fill Out Forms Via Conversation

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  63. Recognize Entities Person Channel

  64. Text to Actions

  65. None
  66. Slash

  67. The Return Of The Command Line Interface - Fred Wilson

  68. Voice as Interface

  69. Conversation is the Interface As technology gets smarter, and more

    anticipatory of our wants and intent, the interface gets smaller and smaller until it disappears.
  70. Design a tone, a persona. What’s it like to chat

    with WSJ?
  71. Thoughts for Media How do you personalize communication & information

    distribution on these new messenger apps? How do we make stories & information available to the new Personal Assistants & Expert platforms?
  72. Thoughts for Media How do we design content for these

    new platforms that is tailored to these new mediums? What does a story look like in conversation? What does a conversational interface look like for exploring & engaging with media?