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The Future of Voice: Clay @ Big Human

508cdde667137534cd7154a447e38e51?s=47 Nicolae Rusan
February 23, 2017

The Future of Voice: Clay @ Big Human

This was a talk I gave at Big Human (www.bighuman.com) about where we think the Future of Voice (Alexa, Siri, Google Home) may be heading at Clay. Clay is a platform that helps creating and sharing microservices and we think voice is one interesting place that these microservices will be used!


Nicolae Rusan

February 23, 2017

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  1. The Future of Voice Big Human Feb 2017

  2. Big Human

  3. Howdy! Kareem Amin @KareemAmin Nicolae Rusan @NicolaeRusan Clay @RunClay

  4. The Arrival of Voice

  5. Growth & Adoption

  6. Growth & Adoption

  7. Looking Back to Mobile for Analogies TechCrunch 2012

  8. • Passive, Always On Listening • Natural interface that’s tough

    to recall • Hands free • Easy to Install • Screenless Interactions • Embedded into Anything that has a Computer Unique Characteristics of Voice Apps
  9. Challenges Today • Discoverability of Interface. Clumsy Input. Question &

    Answers. • Discoverability of Skills • Voice Alone is Problematic • No Easy Way to Monetize • Lack of Interesting Applications
  10. MOBILE VOICE Voice Apps?

  11. None
  12. What will be the first ‘killer app’ for voice?

  13. This is just the beginning.

  14. What’s Next? • Beyond Screens. Multi-modal Experiences • Voice in

    Everything • Calling & VOIP • Improved Conversation & AI • Discovery Solved Through: Passiveness, Conversation & Context
  15. None
  16. None
  17. Alexa Voice Service

  18. Everything that can have a computer in it - will

    have a computer in it ... … and you’ll be able to talk to it.
  19. Where Voice Makes Sense

  20. At Home

  21. Kids & Seniors Voice interfaces is natural & familiar if

    done right.
  22. Cars. Hands-free Interfaces.

  23. Robots Hey! ... Good Day Pepper!

  24. VOIP Calls & Conversations • Voice Over Internet Calls •

    Alexa as 3rd Party in Conversations
  25. Richer Cards In Conversations & Elsewhere • Appear in your

    conversations • Go beyond voice when needed - voice as a 3rd person in your conversations, assisting & kicking things off Voice to kick off interactions in calls
  26. Amazon is Going After the Telecos

  27. Who Do We Talk To?

  28. Talk to Friends & Family

  29. Talk to New People Dating

  30. Talk to Coworkers, Partners Business & Jobs

  31. Talk to Coworkers, Partners Business & Jobs

  32. Talk to Experts

  33. Designing & Coding for Multi-Modal Interfaces

  34. Whole30 Demo

  35. What Really Goes Into Building a Voice Skill Returns a

    JSON Object
  36. Join our Gitter. Let us know how we can help

    Follow Ups Build or use a microservice using Clay
  37. http://clay.run @runclay @clay-labs

  38. Thanks!