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Backlog Refinement Cards: Effective Requirement Engineering and Scope Management Through Gamification

Nils Hyoma
April 10, 2024

Backlog Refinement Cards: Effective Requirement Engineering and Scope Management Through Gamification

Nils Hyoma

April 10, 2024


  1. #PMIGlobalSummitEurope Nils Hyoma Manager, MHP – A Porsche Company Backlog

    Refinement Cards: Effective Requirement Engineering and Scope Management Through Gamification
  2. 2 #PMIGlobalSummitEurope Introduction Nils Hyoma • Agile Coach & Manager:

    Led successful Agile transformations. • Backend Developer: Contributed to robust system architectures. • Water Polo Player & Coach: Demonstrates leadership on and off the field. • Devoted Father: Balances work and family life with a 10-year-old. • International Education: Studied Economics and Computer Science in Hamburg and Hiroshima. • Gamification Enthusiast: Integrates gamification for enhanced engagement.
  3. 3 #PMIGlobalSummitEurope 3 #PMIGlobalSummitEurope AGENDA 1. Introduction of Nils Hyoma

    2. Agenda 3. Key Takeaways 4. Motivation / My Story 5. A Short Practice Exercise 6. The Backlog Refinement Cards 7. A Workshop for your Team 8. My Learnings / Observations 9. Useful Resources 10. Questions and Answers
  4. 5 #PMIGlobalSummitEurope Motivation / My Story Feature Factory/ Cargo Cult

    • Adaptability Challenges: Struggles in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) environment. • Innovation Hindrance: Overemphasis on production hampers a culture of innovation. • Technical Debt and Escaped Bugs: Increase in technical debt and escaped bugs. Slowed development speed as a consequence. • Employee Retention Issues: High turnover linked to burnout and a lack of clear purpose.
  5. 6 #PMIGlobalSummitEurope Motivation / My Story Co-Creation/ Agile Work-Breakdown-Structure •

    Agile Backlog Refining: • Drives continuous improvement through iterative and incremental planning. • Enhances adaptability to changing requirements and priorities. • Promotes transparency and communication within the team. • Co-Creation: • Fosters collaborative ideation and decision-making. • Enhances stakeholder engagement and satisfaction. • Facilitates a holistic approach to problem-solving through diverse perspectives.
  6. 7 #PMIGlobalSummitEurope Motivation / My Story Agile Backlog Refinement •

    Structured Hierarchy: • Organizing work into Epics, User Stories, Tasks, and Acceptance Criteria. • Maintaining a structured hierarchy for better understanding and planning. • Story Points for Estimation: • Using Story Points to estimating the effort, risk and complexity. • Encouraging team collaboration for accurate and relative sizing. • Velocity: • Tracking team Velocity - the amount of Story Points completed in a sprint. • Utilizing Velocity for more accurate future planning. • Planning Poker for Consensus: • Employ Planning Poker sessions for collaborative and consensus-based effort estimation. • Leverage team knowledge and experience to enhance accuracy.
  7. 8 #PMIGlobalSummitEurope Motivation / My Story Planning Poker • Collective

    Intelligence: Harnesses team knowledge for comprehensive estimations. • Efficient Sizing: Uses Story Points for accurate and relative task comparisons. • Bias Reduction: Anonymous voting minimizes biases for impartial estimates. • Quick Decisions: Time-boxed sessions ensure efficient decision- making. • Transparent Communication: Simultaneous estimations enhance transparency and understanding. • Focus and Engagement: Gamification maintains team focus, making the process engaging.
  8. 10 #PMIGlobalSummitEurope A Short Practice Exercice The Scenario • You

    are now a developer in a Scrum Team. • The User Story you'll see is estimated above the limit of 13 Story Points, 20 SP! • Your task is to brainstorm and identify strategies to reduce the complexity of the User Story, ensuring that the team can develop it without risks in the next sprint.
  9. 11 #PMIGlobalSummitEurope A Short Practice Exercice The Product Introducing 'SeatSpectra'

    - Your Personal Cinematic Universe! Immerse yourself in the perfect seat selection with our VR Seat Booking App. Experience events through a lifelike virtual view, and, for the first time, enter your size to ensure a hilarious and personalized cinema experience.
  10. 12 #PMIGlobalSummitEurope A Short Practice Exercice The User Story As

    a Cinema enthusiast, I want to find the perfect seat so that I can enjoy an optimal viewing experience during events.
  11. 13 #PMIGlobalSummitEurope A Short Practice Exercice Acceptance Criterias • Seat

    Navigation: Users can smoothly navigate between different seats in the virtual venue. • Accurate Virtual View: The virtual view accurately represents the sightlines and perspectives from each selected seat. • Booking Confirmation: Users receive a clear and detailed confirmation message after successfully booking a seat. • Cross-Platform Compatibility: The app functions consistently on both iOS and Android platforms, as well as across Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browsers. • Visibility Check with Size Input: If users input their size, the app checks and confirms that the selected seat provides a comfortably visible view of the screen.
  12. 14 #PMIGlobalSummitEurope A Short Practice Exercice User Story Splitting Challenge

    1. Read Vision, User Story, and Acceptance Criteria. 2. Analyse the 5 Red Cards: Identify potential complexities. 3. Pair Up: Collaborate with a neighbour. 4. User Story Splitting: Apply techniques (f.e. size-based, workflow-based, rule-based, ..). 5. Discuss & Document: Share insights and document your approach. 6. Timebox: 7 minutes for efficient collaboration. 7. Share Insights: Each pair briefly shares their splitting strategy.
  13. 18 #PMIGlobalSummitEurope The Backlog Refinement Cards Backlog Refinement Cards •

    32 Free Cards Available Enhance your backlog refinement process with a set of 32 complimentary cards. • Versatile Use Ideal addition to Planning Poker for defining and refining your agile processes. • Free Workshops Utilize these cards in interactive and insightful workshops at no cost.
  14. 24 #PMIGlobalSummitEurope My Observations Workshop Observations • Initial Confusion (5-10

    Min) Participants experience a brief period of uncertainty as they familiarize themselves with the cards. • Engagement Emerges (After 10 Min) Beyond 10 minutes, active engagement unfolds as participants begin questioning their peers and discussing specific cards, such as the intriguing "enabler." • Dynamic Interaction (After 20 Min) The workshop evolves with dynamic card-throwing and removal, fostering lively discussions around potential solutions. • Positive Atmosphere Throughout Despite initial confusion, everyone enjoys a positive and interactive experience throughout the workshop.
  15. 25 #PMIGlobalSummitEurope My Observations Benefits of Gamification • Enjoyable Experience

    Infuses an element of fun, making the process engaging for participants. • Promotes Equal Participation Facilitates equal talking opportunities, ensuring everyone's voice is heard. • Provides Structural Framework Imparts structure to activities, enhancing clarity and focus during engagements. • Safe Learning Environment Creates a safe space for learning, encouraging experimentation and exploration. • Enhances Psychological Safety Boosts psychological safety, fostering an environment where individuals feel secure to express ideas and take risks.
  16. 27 #PMIGlobalSummitEurope Usefull Ressources Useful Resources • Backlog Refinement Cards

    (Github) Access additional Backlog Refinement Cards on GitHub: Link • Backlog Refinement Workshop (Miroverse) Explore a comprehensive Backlog Refinement Workshop template on Miroverse: Link Cards on GitHub Miroverse Workshop Order via Etsy Workshop on Miro