Let's type - a practical intro to TypeScript

4c6fc0a5e43d8e08dd0015d1133289e5?s=47 Nils Hartmann
March 13, 2018

Let's type - a practical intro to TypeScript

In the recent releases of JavaScript/ECMAScript a lot of features have been added, that make working with the language way more easy and comfortable than before. But there is still no type system and as we know from developing our Java applications. A type system that would help us avoiding bugs while writing code or that would allow us to safely refactor our code.
Luckily there’s a solution: TypeScript, a language based on JavaScript, that adds a very powerful type system to JavaScript. In this talk I will show you the concepts and syntax of TypeScript with a lot of code examples, so you can see how good or bad the type system is (compared to Java). I will also show you the current state of IDE support, debugging possibilities or migration strategies for existing code , so that you get an impression how it feels to develop with TypeScript and that you can make a decision, whether TypeScript could be useful for your projects.


Nils Hartmann

March 13, 2018