Ruby Arduino (RubyConfIndia 2013)

Ruby Arduino (RubyConfIndia 2013)

We all love Ruby for writing software scripts, websites, applications. Would it not be awesome to use it also for interacting with hardware?

With the proliferation of internet connected devices or usually called as 'The Internet of Things' its become important to explore opportunities with hardware hacking for fun and everyday automation.

The talk aims to be an introduction of how to interact with an arduino kit using ruby, available gems and other possibilities. It is meant for beginners who are just starting out with Arduino / Ruby and want to see the what it beholds.

At the end of the talk 2 projects were demonstrated.
1. Blinking Lights (Red / Green) on twitter sentiment of #rubyconfindia
2. A Light Seeking Robot Car


Nishant Modak

June 23, 2013