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Introducing Poxen

Introducing Poxen

Introducing Poxen at Heroku Meetup #11 at Tokyo, See more details at https://github.com/niw/poxen.

Yoshimasa Niwa

January 16, 2014

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  1. Poxen does 1PYFOʹͰ͖Δ͜ͱ ‣ Install Applications ΞϓϦͷΠϯετʔϧ ‣ Configure preferences

    γεςϜ؀ڥઃఆɺ͍ΘΏΔEFGBVMUT ‣ Remove vulnerable Java plugin ੬ऑͳ+BWBϓϥάΠϯͷ࡟আ
  2. Getting Started! ࢝ΊΑ͏ ‣ xcode-build --install ‣ xcode-build --license ‣

    git clone https://github.com/niw/poxen.git ‣ vim manifests/site.pp ‣ script/poxen