The Nitty-Griddy

The Nitty-Griddy

This talk covers basic syntax and principles of CSS Grid layout and how it can be applied to practical use cases.


Noelle Knight

June 07, 2018


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    CSS Grid = CSS Grid Layout is a CSS method

    designed for the two-dimensional layout of items on a webpage or application. - Rachel Andrews • Flexible • Easy to use • 2-dimensional system
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    How can I start using CSS Grid? 1. Learn something.

    2. Get out of your comfort zone.
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    Why should I start using CSS Grid? Historically: - Tables

    - Floats - Absolute Positioning Comfort Zone: - CSS Grid Frameworks (e.g. Bootstrap) - Flexbox (we still love you) - Some absolute positioning or floating Most of these things are hacky! We can do so much better now, thanks to CSS Grid
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    Fractional Units Allow you to set tracks as a fraction

    of the available free space, after inflexible items have been allocated.
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    Source Order Independence • Order of items in source code

    doesn’t matter, you can declare where you want them to go. • Important to maintain the logical order in the source, this should not be designated by the CSS.
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    Should I use CSS Grid • Progressive Enhancement (preferred) •

    Using MS prefixes • Source order independence restraint heck yes… but, use responsibly
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    CSS Grid Resources • Grid by Example - Rachel Andrews

    • CSS Grid - Wes Bos • Complete Guide to Grid - Chris House, CSS Tricks • Modern CSS Layouts - Scott Tolinski, Levelup Tuts • CSS Grid Garden
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