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続・貢献できるOSSの見つけ方 / How to find "Good First Issues" part 2

0ed400174f90a4bcee05f3455597932f?s=47 Masato Ohba
August 23, 2018

続・貢献できるOSSの見つけ方 / How to find "Good First Issues" part 2

Roppongi.js#5「続・貢献できるOSSの見つけ方 -How to find "Good First Issues" part 2-」




Masato Ohba

August 23, 2018

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  1. How to find "Good First Issues" How to find "Good

    First Issues" part II part II Quipper Limited at Roppongi.js#5 @ohbarye
  2. If you: If you: want to contribute OSS are struggling

    to nd a repository or an issue to contribute (would rather you preferred major OSS) This talk would be helpful to you.
  3. Agenda Agenda 1. Story so far 2. Current status 3.

    What's next?
  4. Story so far Story so far

  5. Problem to solve is... Problem to solve is...

  6. Contribution Accessibility Contribution Accessibility

  7. Ideal world Ideal world

  8. Story so far Story so far At the previous Roppongi.js.

    I've shared a simple script to fetch "good rst issues" from GitHub.
  9. what is "good first issue"? what is "good first issue"?

  10. Apply the "help wanted" and "good rst issue" labels to

    issues in your repository to highlight opportunities for people to contribute to your project. https://help.github.com/articles/helping-new- contributors- nd-your-project-with-labels/
  11. Previous output Previous output I could make Good rst issue

    list. But not cool. I felt I should implement GUI for better usability.
  12. Response Response

  13. Current status Current status

  14. None
  15. Features Features List up repos and issues ltered by language

    Single Page Application built with React
  16. None
  17. What I did What I did Implemented frontend and backend

    React, Material UI, TypeScript Node.js, Express, GraphQL
  18. monorepo monorepo Use Docker Compose on development Deployed to Heroku

    and Netlify respectively I wrote articles on how to deploy sub-directory https://ohbarye.hatenablog.jp/archive/category/mon
  19. Interested? Interested? See: App Implementation https://goo .netlify.com/ https://github.com/ohbarye/goo

  20. What's next? What's next?

  21. Current issues Current issues The current goo has 2 major

    issues. Performance It queries against GitHub for every request No cache Rate limit GitHub's constraint: 5,000 requests/day
  22. Solution Solution Next.js, SSR, PWA, server side cache They come

    from Aim to get perfect score of Lighthouse https://github.com/hanford/trends
  23. None
  24. Let's find your "good first issues" Let's find your "good

    first issues" with "goofi" and contribute! with "goofi" and contribute! Go https://goo .netlify.com/
  25. Who? Who? @ohbarye Web Developer / Engineering Manager Working for

    http://ohbarye.me/ Quipper