Server Driven UI Workflow

Server Driven UI Workflow


Deploying an Android app to the play store always contains some cost in it. Furthermore the user isn't always keen to download (again) our latest versioned app. How about doubling the cost of development with the iOS app into account (or Web)?
At Square, we came up with a system in which the server owns the workflow of the client. This means the client doesn't know before hand which screen, which image or text it's gonna show next.

In this talk, we'll:

- Know why Square ended up choosing this system.
- Discover how we built it.
- Look at the challenges, the pros and cons of such an architecture.
- Talk about how we want to alter it for the future.

Attendees to this talk will be expose to solutions for problems every company is facing but don't address.


Benoît Quenaudon

April 24, 2019