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Explicit and Congruent: A Case Study of Factors Guiding the Design of an Online Environment

by Justin Olmanson

Published April 30, 2013 in Education

In this presentation we describe the way six design parameters guided our efforts to create FunWritr, an online literacy development and language acquisition application. Garrett (2009) outlines four interrelated components in the design of educational applications, namely: pedagogy, theory, technology, and context. To these, we add curriculum, and the development process. Yanchar and Gabbitas (2010) underscore the importance of being explicit in terms of design principles and Der-Thanq, Hung, and Wang (2007) highlight the centrality of congruence between design parameters. In this paper we describe our position on each of these parameters and the gestalt effect produced when explicitly aligned with each other.

This presentation was given at the 2013 annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association

Speaker notes embedded in the PDF version of the presentation.