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Drupal 7 Ninja Theming

Drupal 7 Ninja Theming

Presentation about Drupal's Omega 2 base theme and Delta module given for the Italian Alpine Drupalcamp 2011


May 07, 2011

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  1. Claudio Beatrice Developer @omissis twitter http://silent-voice.org blog http://agavee.com team Co-founder

    of the ‘Drupal Italia’ Association A quick introduction Skylogic S.P.A. - Turin (IT) Satellite telecommunications C, PHP, Drupal, Java, Javascript, MySQL, LDAP Go On Media - Paris (FR) Internet Media PHP, Zend, Javascript, HTML, CSS Agavee - Somewhere in Northern Italy :) Web Development PHP, Drupal, Symfony, Javascript, jQuery
  2. and some credits Jake Strawn Developer, Themer, Designer twitter @himerus

    email [email protected] blog http://himerus.com Sebastian Siemssen Developer twitter @thefubhy
  3. It sits on the shoulders of giants It’s an evolved

    implementation of the ninesixty Drupal theme which, in turn, is based upon the 960 grid system by Nathan Smith It gets inspiration (and features) from the most appreciated Drupal themes such as Acquia Marina, Zen, Fusion and Studio
  4. Down with the gridness 960gs helps you to save time

    and to reduce frustration by streamlining your front-end development and insuring (what Yahoo determines as) A-grade browsers compatibility http://sonspring.com/journal/960-grid-system
  5. Drupal (well, the guy who developed ninesixty) brought 960gs even

    further by adding some more functionalities to the framework such as: • push & pull classes (backported to 960gs) • ns() function for contextual widths of grid elements • grid overlay and debugging tools • RTL language support All these features are available in Omega Down with the gridness
  6. 960gs features • 12, 16, 24, 32 column options •

    Each zone has its own container options, which allows for mixed layouts • no need to use ns() function in most situations • template_preprocess_page() handles this based on theme settings • theme-settings.php gives extensive theme settings to base theme & all sub themes based on Omega • content first (.push & .pull) options A Saucerful of inspirations
  7. A Saucerful of inspirations Non-960gs features • Custom page titles

    • Alternate settings for <front> and other pages • Custom separator • Custom breadcrumbs • On/off toggle for breadcrumbs • Custom separator • Toggle “home” link in breadcrumb • Append current page to end of breadcrumb • Mission statements • Choose to display on <front> only or all pages
  8. Hey! But there’s moar! • Highly customizable theme settings that

    let you configure your layout in a few clicks • XHTML and HTML5 subthemes • Delta and Context modules give you the ability to create separated theme configurations and use them depending on the conditions of your choice with no LOC • Drush integration lets you spawn new subthemes and export/revert their configuration in a matter of seconds
  9. Don’t call him baby • Easily extendable: cleanly integrate custom

    grids is a matter of a few LOC • Well documented: it has a dedicated website with plenty of resources and videos • Fast development pace • Growing community
  10. Ok ok, you got me. Ain’t it a little bit

    too fat tho? ‘Course not! :) But let’s pretend it is so I am allowed to introduce the upcoming version...
  11. Omega 3 it’s good for your heart • Segmentation of

    Alpha & Omega • this will allow users to enable core functionalities without the added weight of some advanced features • Zone/Region Flexibility • ability to freely reassign zones and regions through the interface (Omega UI) • branding zone configurable through UI, less region-- branding-tpl.php tweaking • Region Ordering improvements • static & dynamic zones will be both allowed to be ordered • finer control on how zones appear and are rendered (with all the consequences on SEO) • Performance Enhancements • Preprocess/process, Css, Theme settings • Optional CSS Loading
  12. • Responsive Grids • Adaptive layouts through customizable @media queries

    or javascript as fallback (IE—) • Good number of tweaks available such as optional grid styles and viewport/scale settings • Default layouts: mobile (region stacked), narrow (720px), normal (960px), wide (1200px) Omega 3 it’s good for your heart
  13. The DrupalCon London • 22 - 25 August • Fairfield

    Halls, Croydon • 1500+ expected attendees • Loads of awesome sessions, Jack Strawn’s included! • Fish and chips! :)))