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Local (micro)services development on Kubernetes

February 03, 2023

Local (micro)services development on Kubernetes

Slides for a talk I gave at the Go meetups in Milan and Rome (Italy) about my path to productive local development environments on Kubernetes using tilt.dev.


February 03, 2023

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  1. Milan - Nov 24th, 2022
    Local (micro)services
    development on Kubernetes
    Claudio Beatrice
    Software Engineer @ SIGHUP

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  2. Hello Cloud Natives! 👋

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  3. context.Background() ☝
    • Several (teams of) developers working together

    • Number of projects increased over time

    • Applications started to be packed as containers

    • Kubernetes became the de-facto standard for orchestrating them

    • Local deployment di
    ers signi
    cantly from staging and production

    • Running complex deployments locally became next to impossible, especially
    on Windows and MacOS

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  4. Looking for an ideal solution 💡
    have your cybercake and eat it, too
    • Kubernetes-based, to be closer to prod

    • Modular, to be able to run only a subset of the services

    • Hybrid, to be able to mix and match local and remote resources

    • Fast, to reduce friction and improve productivity

    • Flexible, to allow for customization

    • Simple, for faster onboardings

    • Transparent, to stay close to dev-ops the toolchain

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  5. It takes all sorts to make a Cloud Dev Env ☁
    Developers developers developers

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  7. Tilt in a 🥜🐚
    • A Command-line tool coupled with a Web UI

    • Controlled by one or more Tilt
    les written in Starlark
    • Sporting loops, conditionals, variables

    • Featuring an extensive library of functions and extensions
    • Powered by the Tilt Engine, updating the Cluster's Resources automatically

    • Aided by ctlptl, to easily create clusters as code

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  8. Tilt in a 🥜🐚

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  9. Tilt in a 🥜🐚

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  10. Enough said 🤐

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  11. Find Tilt.dev on the interwebz
    #tilt on Kubernetes Slack
    tilt-dev/tilt on Github

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  12. Don't forget to find other Gophers, too! 🇮🇹

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  13. Thanks! 🚀
    • 🧑💻 omissis
    • 🐘 @[email protected]
    • 🐘 @[email protected]
    • 🦜 @omissis
    • 👔 claudiobeatrice
    • 🌎 tenwarp.com

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