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Marketing You Shop Beyond Facebook

Marketing You Shop Beyond Facebook

Our new White Paper discusses the marketing options for your Facebook shop in other social networks. Reaching a wide audience is important for every marketing effort, especially in the world of f-commerce. Social commerce means offering visuals and information, that replace the ability to touch and feel the products. Utilizing additional social networks can help to improve the visual aspect and make even more people aware of your Facebook shop. Read on to find out how to make Pinterest, Twitter and E-mail strategies work for your social commerce experience.



July 24, 2012


  1. Marketing Your Shop Beyond Facebook Pinterest, T witter & E-mails

  2. About Ondango Ondango is a beautifully designed shopping system that

    helps you sell your products on your Facebook page, by leveraging Facebook’s viral features. Sell your products directly on your Facebook page and complete the transaction within Facebook. Engage your fans with fan-only promotions, Daily Deals and Product discounts. Increase your reach on the world’s biggest social network and use viral features to spread the word. Monetize your Facebook presence through this additional sales channel & turn fans into customers. About the Author Carolin Schlenther is a Social Scientist with Customer Service experience. She has a Masters in Social Research Methods and is currently filling the position of Manager Customer Experience at Ondango.
  3. Reaching a wide audience is important for every marketing effort,

    especially if you cannot just open your shop’s doors and get passers-by to pop in, as in the brick-and-mortar world. For your Facebook shop you can use the social plugins available to you via Ondango to market your products on as well as beyond Facebook. The ‘Pin it’ and ‘Tweet’ options allow you to quickly and easily expand your reach into other social networks at the click of a button. The ‘Share link’ feature provides easy access to each product’s URL and the possibility to use them in your regular e-mail newsletter, on your blog or your regular website. Read on to find out how to make Pinterest, Twitter and E-mail strategies work for your Facebook Shop. Introduction How to utilize Pinterest and appeal to your customers’ visual sense. How to make Twitter your marketing partner and help you connect. How to build customer relations with the help of e-mails.
  4. Pinterest Pinterest is all about visuals, and what could be

    better than that to advertise your products? Pinterest functions on the fact that human beings are extremely visual, something you should always keep in mind for your shop and product marketing on Facebook as well. Consult the White Paper ‘Marketing your Facebook Shop’ for more tips on how to tickle your shop visitors’ visual sense. Sign up on Pinterest.com and install the ‘Pin it’ button as a browser bookmark to be able to pin images from other websites. 1 Create boards with different themes, maybe similar ones to your Facebook Shop categories. 2 Start pinning your own Facebook Shop products to your boards with the “Pin it” button underneath your product images and follow others. 3 Follow others around Pinterest in order to get followers yourself, but watch out not to get addicted! If you want, you can visit the Ondango Pinterest Board ‘Cool Stuff from our Shops’ and see how it works. !
  5. T witter Your other potential marketing partner is Twitter; 465

    Million accounts and growing, the number speaks for itself. Twitter gives you the opportunity to build up a network around your business and to provide your followers with quick and easy updates. Using Twitter for your business is about showing its personal site. The more you can show the human side behind the brand or the small business, the more people will develop a fondness for it. Twitter is not about sales pitches, it is about human connection. Do not try to accomplish higher sales by filling it up with sales slogans. Instead… Use a PERSONAL PROFILE IMAGE rather than your brand logo. SHOW THE HUMAN SIDE of your business and let your followers participate in your work outings and business events. CONNECT by importing contacts from other networks, participating in Twitter Chats or finding similar local businesses and help each other drive sales. KEEP IT VISUAL and post product images to get people’s interest.
  6. Twitter is about TWO-WAY COMMUNICATION. Respond to followers’ queries, questions

    or comments. Otherwise they will likely just unfollow you. As with Facebook, tweet regularly (at least once a day; according to Hubspot 15- 25 tweets per day is the sweet spot for increasing following), but try and offer something different from your Facebook Updates. Those who are your fans on Facebook as well as your followers on Twitter do not want to receive the same content through 2 different channels. Make SPECIAL OFFERS only available to those following you on Twitter. This way, you give people a reason to follow you on Twitter and spread the word, and it gives you the opportunity to monitor the effectiveness of Twitter for your business. Ondango’s coupon discount feature is ideal for this purpose. Create a Twitter account yourself here and start involving the 465 million strong Twitter community as well. View this video as a short introduction on how to take advantage of Twitter as a small business. !
  7. E-mail Marketing E-mail marketing has been claimed to be dead,

    but it actually still offers amazing marketing opportunities. You can address your customers directly and provide them with some exclusive customers-only offers while generating important traffic. Before you start your e-mail campaign, there are a few things you need to consider: Only send marketing e-mails to subscribers. Use a relevant subject line. Use a sender the subscribers recognize. Send e-mails regularly. Offer fresh content. Insert links into your e-mails. Build up your subscription list organically (i.e. with the Facebook shop newsletter feature). You have 1 sentence to convince the recipients to open the e-mail instead of deleting it. Include your company’s name. Otherwise, the chances of the e-mails being opened are slim. The best days for sending are Tuesday & Wednesday, when people are most receptive to communication. Get your e-mail subscribers used to profiting from opening your e-mails (i.e. videos, previews). Use your Shop’s or your products’ (‘Share link’ button) URLs to provide easy access.
  8. Conclusion 1. Get a Pinterest account and offer your followers

    those enticing visuals! 2. Get Twitter on board to establish a closer relationship between your company and your customers. 3. Integrate e-mails into your marketing strategy to reach your customers directly.