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iOS Dev - The Dark Side

Wei Wang
February 03, 2017

iOS Dev - The Dark Side

Some basic of Jail-breaking iOS development. Cydia, Cycript, Theos and more.

Wei Wang

February 03, 2017

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  1. It seems that "Dark" is not so good... • Fear

    • Despair • Unpresentable • Negative
  2. iOS Sandbox • Apps live in a sandbox. • No

    interacting with the system.
  3. iOS Sandbox • Apps live in a sandbox. • No

    interacting with the system. • You can only USE your phone as Apple wanted you to. • But never OWN your phone (if you are a geek).
  4. Jailbreak • Root access of iOS file system. • Install

    apps/software unavailable through App Store.
  5. bash> cycript -p LineLive cy> var app = [UIApplication sharedApplication]

    # @"<UIApplication: 0x16530640>" cy> app.delegate # @"<AppDelegate: 0x165384d0>" cy> var appDelegate = new Instance(0x165384d0) # @"<AppDelegate: 0x165384d0>" cy> [appDelegate someMethod]; ...
  6. Demo 3 Theos • Creating a basic tweak. • Makefile

    and modification source. • A real life example of tweak.
  7. cycript • One time. Javascript & Objective-C syntax. • Explore

    & Modify by script on fly. Tweak • Hook & replace. Use the power of Cydia Substrate. • Dynamic framework and ldid (Link Identity Editor) signed.
  8. FAQ

  9. Is jailbreaking legal? • In 2010, 2012, and 2015, the

    U.S. Copyright Office approved. • Not forbidden or threatened by any government or Apple. • Two jailbreakers have been given positions at Apple. • Apple is "stealing" ideas from JB community. And it helps to improve iOS security.
  10. Is jailbreaking legal? But...It's the dark side. • Against EULA.

    • Lose warranty if being jailbroken. (But you can always restore it back into jail.) • So, consider the risk. (or use an old, warranty- exipred device.)
  11. Is it safe to use a jailbroken device? • No,

    unless you use it properly. • Change root password. Do not install anything untrusted. • Jailbreak a clean device. Do not bind Apple ID or store sensitive information. • Do not connect it to company network. • Do no evil. Just use it for study and research.
  12. Why should I know the dark side of iOS? •

    Do you think your app is perfectly safe? • You could use the skills in normal app development. • It's fun!
  13. I am terrified. How could I defend my app from

    dark developers? • Good question as a bright guy! • Learn them and consider your app safety as you are a dark side dev. • And more... (Another story)