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ONTOCHAIN software ecosystem: Vision and Objectives

ONTOCHAIN software ecosystem: Vision and Objectives

Slides presented at the ONTOCHAIN Summit for Trustworthy Internet by Vlado Stankovski, ONTOCHAIN technical coordinator & Professor of Computer Science at University of Ljubljana


June 01, 2022

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    Location Date ONTOCHAIN VISION AND OBJECTIVES Berlin 1st ONTOCHAIN Summit – June 1, 2022 Vlado Stankovski University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
  2. | ONTOCHAIN.NGI.EU ▪ Can I prove my identity without giving

    sensitive information? ▪ Should the door of our home automatically open to an unexpected visitor? ▪ Should I borrow my car to my neighbor for 5 EUR/hour? ▪ Who may gain access to my video stream for processing? ▪ Can I prove I have attended the lectures? ▪ Can I prove my location? ▪ Can we trust the sensors and the traffic lights on the smart crossing? ▪ Can we trust the documents in the archive? ▪ When I move my smart car from Ljubljana to Vienna what happens with my transactions? ▪ Who can access my files? ▪ #ICT2018 e-SIDES project: ▪ Fog Computing and the Problem of Trust Addressing the needs of semantically complex, dynamic, trust-critical ecosystems
  3. | ONTOCHAIN.NGI.EU ▪ Trusted data, metadata, ontology, knowledge and information

    management ▪ On-chain and Off-chain data management methods ▪ Ontologies + Blockchain ▪ Fostering plurality and democracy ▪ Reputation management ▪ Decentralised identities and verifiable credentials ▪ (Expected) results: ▪ Design of an ONTOCHAIN software ecosystem ▪ Design of advanced ONTOCHAIN applications The ONTOCHAIN software ecosystem
  4. | ONTOCHAIN.NGI.EU ▪ On-chain storage of ontologies, instances ▪ Consensus

    protocols based on security needs of various proofs ▪ Quality of Service managements addressing trade-offs: energy-efficiency, execution speed, use of Trusted Execution Environments, temporary usage of data, storage for indefinite time, number of replicas versus storage cost etc. ▪ Trusted approaches for ontologies and (meta)data management ▪ Energy-efficiency ▪ … ONTO BLOCK TRUST ❑ People, resources ❑ Data, Metadata, Knowledge, Information ❑ Internet of Things ❑ Microservice containers ❑ Edge-to-Cloud infrastructures ❑ Artificial Intelligence algorithms ❑ Digital Twins ❑ … Finding an optimal infrastructure, algorithms, technologies and tools in order to achieve Semantic Blockchains
  5. | ONTOCHAIN.NGI.EU ▪ Application oriented ▪ Semantic marketplace(s) setup and

    operation ▪ Self-sovereign identity ▪ Trusted and secure data management ▪ Secure and transparent copyright management and verification ▪ Asset ownership management ▪ … ▪ Technology oriented ▪ Trusted and secure third-party data integration in Blockchain logic ▪ Trust based on transparent, secure, decentralised reputation models ▪ Decentralised Blockchain database ▪ Intraledger transaction execution and data exchange ▪ Semantic annotation of Big Data pipelines ▪ Support for tokenomics ▪ … Value proposition: knowing how to use technologies in order to be able to build specific applications?
  6. | ONTOCHAIN.NGI.EU ▪ eCommerce ▪ Transparent and secure asset management

    ▪ Supply chain management ▪ Education ▪ Trusted and transparent learning platforms ▪ eGovernment/Public Services ▪ Smart city scenarios ▪ Identity and access management to computing resources/storage/IoT Digital identity ▪ Trusted identification and authentication ▪ eContent ▪ Trusted crowd-source journalism (reputation and blockchain models to validate information and identify participants) ▪ Preserve data integrity and security (verify data from large, trusted ontology models) ▪ Copyright management ▪ Social network privacy control ▪ eHealth ▪ Medical supply chain to prevent fake/counterfeit drugs ▪ Secure management of electronic health records (EHRs) ▪ Patient consent management Some application domains
  7. | ONTOCHAIN.NGI.EU ▪ ONTOCHAIN core team ▪ Initial participants ▪

    Involved in architecture design, coaching and support activities ▪ Open Call 1 (closed) ▪ 17 projects funded and 7 new technologies demonstrated ▪ Open Call 2 (closed) ▪ 13 core technology building blocks of the software ecosystem developed ▪ Open Call 3 (now open) ▪ Build a portfolio of 11 new applications with high replication possibilities ▪ Build the ONTOCHAIN Network as an energy efficient infrastructure ▪ Define a tokenomics solution for the ONTOCHAIN Network and its applications that does not depend on daily situation on the cryptocurrency markets ▪ Ongoing development ▪ Define a Memorandum of Understanding that defines the Decentralised Autonomous Organisation ▪ Open for enlargement Ecosystem evolution
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