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Gimly / OntoSSiVault

Gimly / OntoSSiVault

Slides presented at the second ONTOCHAIN Summit for Trustworthy Internet by Maarten BOENDER, VP Product Strategy at Sphereon


June 23, 2023

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    Location Date ONTOCHAIN SUMMIT 2023 ONTOCHAIN Services “Onto SSI Vault” project Maarten Boender | Sphereon 22/06/2023
  2. | ONTOCHAIN.NGI.EU 2 PROJECT OBJECTIVES • We created a solution

    for password less sign-in and secure verification of digital identities and private exchange of (personal) data, in accordance with: • EU eIDAS 2 proposed regulation • EU Identity Wallet Architecture and Reference Framework (ARF)
  3. | ONTOCHAIN.NGI.EU 3 PROJECT RATIONAL • New EU regulation adopted

    before July 2023. now • Implementing acts done Q1 2024. 6-9 months • Member State implementation done before January 2025. 18 months • All 27 member states MUST offer at least one wallet to their citizens. • All Authentic Sources MUST be able to issue digital credentials. • All corporates MUST accept digital credentials, should the customer wish it. • All public institutions MUST accept digital credentials, should the citizen wish it !
  4. | ONTOCHAIN.NGI.EU 4 FUNCTIONALITIES • A set of open-source libraries

    to build SSI applications that: • Can create Decentralized Digital Identities (W3C DID) • Can issue and revoke Digital Credentials (W3C VC) • Can request and verify Digital Credentials from Credential Wallets • A mobile Credential Wallet app for password less login and the management and sharing of identities and data.
  5. | ONTOCHAIN.NGI.EU 5 APPROACH • We developed OpenID for Verifiable

    Credentials libraries • OpenID for Verifiable Credential Issuance (OID4VCI) • OpenID for Verifiable Presentations (OID4VP) • Both for Wallet (client) and Issuer (server) • Updated our SSI SDK • Updated our SSI Wallet

    open-source libraries: • SSI SDK • SSI Wallet • OpenID for Verifiable Credentials • Together with Gimly: Presentation Exchange & Self-Issued OpenID Provider v2 (SIOPv2) • A free, open-source reference Credential Wallet
  7. | ONTOCHAIN.NGI.EU 7 RESOURCES & DEMONSTRATION • SSI SDK: https://github.com/Sphereon-Opensource/ssi-sdk

    • OID4VCI client + issuer: https://github.com/Sphereon-Opensource/OID4VCI • SIOPv2 + OID4VP wallet + RP: https://github.com/Sphereon-Opensource/SIOP-OID4VP https://github.com/Sphereon-Opensource/SIOPv2-OpenID4VP-example • Presentation Exchange wallet + RP: https://github.com/Sphereon-Opensource/PEX • Mobile wallet: https://github.com/Sphereon-Opensource/ssi-mobile-wallet
  8. STAY UPDATED AND GET INVOLVED! /company/ontochain ontochain.ngi.eu @ONTOCHAIN @ONTOCHAIN f6s.com/ontochainproject

    /channel/UCcF7Ovd99lOKcjMGQdnhIvA Do not hesitate to contact us at Sphereon.com