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Vim Plugin Deployment

October 11, 2011

Vim Plugin Deployment


October 11, 2011

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  1. My modified fork • jslint.vim by Jesse Hallett • javascript-syntax.vim

    by Yi Zhao • scss-syntax.vim by Daniel Hofstetter
  2. Why • You might modify a plugin before you can

    write one from zero • You might write a simple vim script in your vimrc, but it is able to be a plugin
  3. Why • The way people manage vim plugins evolved •

    pathogen by Tim Pope • Vundle by gmarik
  4. Before Start • What version control system? • Where to

    store repository? • Dictionary structure?
  5. Bad

  6. Questions Before Start • What version control system? git •

    Where to store repository? github • Dictionary structure? at root
  7. • Open/Fork project at github • Clone and write your

    plugin • Use vim-makefile to build vba file • Deploy to vim.org • Mention where is your git repo