[RailsConf 2019] Terraforming legacy Rails applications

[RailsConf 2019] Terraforming legacy Rails applications

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-NKpMn6XSjU
RailsConf: https://railsconf.com/program/sessions#session-832
GitHub: https://github.com/evilmartians/terraforming-rails

Rails has been around for (can you imagine!) about 15 years. Most Rails applications are no longer MVPs, but they grew from MVPs and usually contain a lot of legacy code that "just works."

And this legacy makes shipping new features harder and riskier: the new functionality have to co-exist with the code written years ago, and who knows what will blow up next?

I've been working on legacy codebases for the last few years, and I found turning legacy code into a legendary code to be a very exciting and challenging process.

I want to share the ideas and techniques I apply to make legacy codebases habitable and to prepare a breeding ground for the new features.


Vlad Dem

May 01, 2019