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JS Freakin' Everywhere: A Chatbot Powered by AWS+NodeJS

Pamela Fox
September 06, 2017

JS Freakin' Everywhere: A Chatbot Powered by AWS+NodeJS

A talk given at WaffleJS, about powering Woebot with an entirely JS stack.

Pamela Fox

September 06, 2017

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  1. JS Freakin’ Everywhere A Chatbot Powered by AWS+NodeJS

  2. Me, a year ago. Ecstatic Art Driftwood Flea Market Buddhist

    Retreat 100% NO JS
  3. Along came a startup founder... We made a bot! It

    helps people! Help us build it!
  4. Who sat down beside me... And it has a punny

  5. And enticed Miss Pammy to code And we’re building it

    all in something called “NodeJS”!
  6. And we’re off to the races! From 0 to Scalable

    in 5 weeks. AWS Lambda AWS DynamodB AWS Beanstalk
  7. None
  8. Why Lambda?

  9. SysOpsJS AWS Lambda Log Processor Cloudwatch BigQuery AWS Lambda Cloudwatch

    SlackBot Cloudwatch Slack deploy.sh Upload Notify Checks
  10. BUT WHAT ABOUT NLP?? 99% buttons

  11. We still have NLP tho...

  12. NLP in JavaScript..ish! Python Classifier Training JavaScript Online Classifier svm

    intercepts svm weights tfidf scores mood matches
  13. That takes time! Fine, we need to take time! How

    are you feeling? I’m excited about tonight Oh, that’s great to hear! • • • NLP! 500ms Twiddle thumbs
  14. Our “CMS” We need a way to collaboratively write content

    for Woebot! And we want to A/B content! And we want to write variants! And lesson queueing! And conditional content based on variables! Also, we need it tomorrow!
  15. Google Spreadsheets to the rescue!

  16. Spreadsheets + JS = So Happy Together! Google Apps Script

    Linter Google Apps Script JSON Exporter Google Apps Script Github Client New commit: content.json
  17. Duh, we have a website Beanstalk

  18. COMING SOON! Mobile…. AND HIPAA! Hip-hip-hooray!

  19. What’s great about JS on AWS? Scalable! Fast to develop!

    Rich ecosystem! Easy to use across the FULL stack! Not so great tho? Lack of NLP libs! Slow computation! Less encryption libs!