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Celtic-Plus Project Up-to-Us "My personal content follows you"

Celtic-Plus Project Up-to-Us "My personal content follows you"

The Up-to-Us projects shows a session management approach to hand over video sessions from one device to another.
Proyecto en el que ha colaborado Paradigma Tecnológico


June 11, 2013

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  1. User-Centric Personalized IPTV UbiquitOus and SecUre Services Project ID: CP7-015

    Co-ordinator: Jacky Forestier France Telecom Project Website: francetelecom.com Partners: Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs, France Ericsson, Spain France Telecom, France Full On Net, Spain GRUPO GESFOR, Spain Institut Telecom -Telecom Bretagne, France IPAustria, Austria Marben Products, France MetaDat, Austria Paradigma Tecnológico, Spain RTV Regional Fernsehen GmbH, Austria Telekomunikacja Polska S.A., Poland Universidad Carlos III, Spain Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Spain Vmodal Interactive, S.L.U., Spain Salzburg Research, Austria
  2. I+D IPTV session transference across Set Top Boxes The IPTV

    Service Continuity provides seamless continuity of viewing between different available end-devices including Set- Top Boxes, laptops, hand-held terminals and so on.
  3. 1 DMS (VLC, IPTV Server FT) Digital Media Server (DMS),

    in charge of video processing and video sending to some DMR device. 2 DMR (EyeConnect, XBMC, UPNP compatible) Digital Media Renderer (DMR), responsible for video rendering. 3 Android devices with Up2US application installed. Vplayer Application must be installed too. (2 emulate STB, 1 emulates client user) 1 Application Server - Tomcat with Up2US application installed. (Service REST) Univ. Carlos III's server via VPN with Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) to manage session migration from device to device signalling via jainSIP 1 Context Awareness System (CAS) to authenticate users 1 IMSCore 1 Wifi network accesible *:* Technical Components
  4. Paradigma implemented its algorithm of proximity based in the signal

    intensity of multiple WiFi LANs. The algorithm is based on topological triangulation. IPTV connection to FranceTelecom's streaming RSTP protocol via terrestrial multicast or VOD Persistent geo-location
  5. Proof of concept to transfer a video session from a

    device to a mobile one E.g. user case of a viewer looking at the main TV screen in the house moving to another room and seamlessly switching the viewing to his/her mobile device, in our case Android smartphone. Read more at Up-to-Us project at Paradigma Paradigma’s contribution