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Making your app nice for humans

Fb64cbaeb7b19566f9466ed812620740?s=47 Alex Rozanski
September 14, 2011

Making your app nice for humans

At September 2011's LiDG meetup, I spoke about a good approach to take when designing software to come at it from the user's perspective.


Alex Rozanski

September 14, 2011

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  1. Making your apps nice for humans Alex Rozanski @alexrozanski

  2. Make workflow your design focus

  3. None
  4. Burn movies movies

  5. Burn movies movies “I don’t want to hear anything about

    drawers or pop-out [windows]” - Steve Jobs
  6. • Design your app at a high level first •

    Draw a flow chart of your app’s workflow • Think about design at a user level, not a coding level • Changes are easier to make at this stage before any detail is added
  7. Design away from Xcode

  8. “In fact, do high-level design away from a computer (or

    equivalent device)” - Me (or equivalent device)
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  13. • Makes you think about the core function of the

    application • Not tempted to design from a code perspective • Not tempted to start to build stuff before you know how everything will fit together • Changes are harder to incorporate later
  14. Optimise for screens and taps

  15. Optimise for screens and taps minimum number of

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  23. 4 taps 3 screens ...just to turn off 3G

  24. • Keep screens and screen transitions to a minimum •

    Optimise workflow for actions which are commonly performed • Optimise workflow for “micro- moments”
  25. Form ≈ Function

  26. Form ≈ Function “form follows function” principle:

  27. Form > function

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  38. When your app becomes unresponsive to input, you remind your

    user that all they’re doing is touching a piece of glass
  39. Form < function

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  41. • Strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality • People

    like apps which look pretty • But you are crafting the entire experience
  42. Extend the standard interface

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  45. Navigation Bar

  46. Navigation Bar Table View

  47. Navigation Bar Table View Tab Bar

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  51. • Build custom user interface on standard patterns • Follow

    the Human Interface Guidelines • Doing these will make using your app easier to learn
  52. Surprise your users

  53. Surprise your users *in a good way *

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  63. • The little details can make a big difference to

    your user’s opinion of the app • Make the user feel like you’ve designed the app with them in mind.
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  65. Summary

  66. • Think • User-centred design • Plan before diving in

    • Details can make a good app, great
  67. Questions? Alex Rozanski @alexrozanski