Cats Depression Symptoms- When Your Pet Is At Risk!

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August 23, 2019

Cats Depression Symptoms- When Your Pet Is At Risk!

Let's discuss on cats depression symptoms. We get so used to living with our pets that often times we completely forget that they too have a personality apart from our own and they too can have issues. Unlike dogs, cats are more silent and shy and tend to maintain their distance even from their owners at times. This is why it is very easy for feline depression to go completely unnoticed for ages and sometimes forever.

The shocking truth is that cats are also emotionally intelligent beings and therefore have a lot more in common with humans than you know. Which is why they too are just as susceptible to depression as we are.

Here are a few signs and symptoms of depression in felines you need to look out for, in case you have suddenly realized your cat is no longer as affectionate and attentive as it used to be:

Cats Depression Symptoms-1. Excessive Sleeping

Although cats tend to sleep a lot throughout the day, there is something as too much sleep even for a cat. So if you have noticed your cat sleeping more than usual, it might be that the poor thing is depressing. Apart from excessive sleep, other symptoms of depression in cats include uncharacteristic lethargy and lack of interest in life.

Cats Depression Symptoms- 2. Lack of Appetite

It is common knowledge that felines unlike k9’s are slightly selfish pets. They are more concerned with their next meal when you walk in then going crazy at welcoming you as dogs do. However, if you notice your cat being less then enthusiastic about her food like she used to be previously, take note because that could be one of the signs of depression in cats.
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August 23, 2019