jsonb Deep Dive

jsonb Deep Dive

Peter Geoghegan, one of the major developers of the new "JSONB" binary, indexable JSON type for PostgreSQL 9.4, will be in town and will guide SFPUG members in a "deep dive" into the new technology, including:

• Both the new JSONB type and the old JSON type input and output JSON, so what's the difference?
• What new features does it offer?
• How is the new data type structured, and how does it work?
• How do you index JSONB?
• What things remain unimplemented?

Before the main event, we will have a Lightning Talk by Eric Ongerth: Running PostgreSQL in a Docker Container
Food and Drink, as well as Peter's travel, are sponsored by Heroku. It is being hosted by SwitchFly.


Peter Geoghegan

June 25, 2014